Dynamic Series – Hydrodynamics Part III The Principles

Hello and happy Monday my friends! Today is another fantastic opportunity to stretch our brains and glorify God in His marvelous creation. As you know, if you follow this blog, we’ve been discussing briefly the varies studies of dynamics. Currently we’re on Hydrodynamics, the principles involved specifically. Hydrodynamics is more than just a fun word, but also applies to our everyday lives in fascinating ways.

There are three forces that impact fluid movement, those three are gravity, pressure, and stress on the surface. The main principle is Bernoulli’s Equation, which we’ve discussed previously. The equation is as difficult to explain as it is to understand, so I’ve found a video to help. Below is a video that really helped Kayleigh and I put the Laws and the principles together. I have not checked the other videos, so I certainly couldn’t endorse this YouTube channel, but this particular video was super helpful.

I love how she simplified the example given, can you imagine how complex this gets when viscosity is changed? While this is certainly not my favorite corner of science, it’s important to see how orderly Gods creation works. What we see is that everything God has made obeys the laws given to it, whether that be the planets in orbit or the molecules in our bodies. We certainly serve a great God, one that not only upholds the universe, but also took out my cold, dead, heart and replaced it with a living one. Miraculously, without my ability to earn it, God saved me from the wrath to come. I deserved that wrath because I broke Gods Law, the Ten Commandments. God gave me the air I breath, the blood in my veins, the love of my family, and chocolate, I should have worshipped Him gladly. Instead I created a god in my own image, one who didn’t mind when I sinned. I’ve broken all ten laws in thought, if not in deed, which is why I deserved wrath. Unlike fluid, humanity disobeys God daily, and as a just, righteous God, He must condemn sinners. In His loving kindness He condescended to become man, Jesus Christ, who lived a perfect, sinless life. Christ died in our place, to bare the wrath we deserved, so that we could be forgiven and saved. We must repent of our sins, and put our faith in Christ alone. If you have any questions about this, or about the principles involved in Hydrodynamics please feel free to ask. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.


Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

12 thoughts on “Dynamic Series – Hydrodynamics Part III The Principles”

  1. Thanks, sister! All humanity benefits by God’s orderly creation that can be described by laws of science. The woman in that video is too smart for me, reminds me of senior physics class in high school. Argh! 😨

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    1. Gods common grace on humanity is something to behold, is it not brother? That we all, wheat and tares, sheep and goats alike, benefit from His orderly laws amazes me. I can begin to get a glimpse of why those living creatures never cease to proclaim His holiness!

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    1. Thank you, brother! I genuinely wish I had paid more attention in school, if I had known my daughter would be so crazy about science I surely would have! Thankfully my God has given her two parents, and her dad is so much better at this stuff than I am. He usually takes the science subject we’ve been reviewing and makes an experiment or adventure out of it. I need to sit down and create some worksheets from all these posts, I keep forgetting. I also forgot to post that AiG released another group of free Creation lessons! I love when they do that! What are you guys learning this month, my friend?

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      1. You are doing good sister! I just finished plants with my kids while my wife does words and numbers; we are on family vacation right now so some of that is on pause but I was doing some lessons on jets and plane since we will be going to an air show but these are more fun lessons where I didn’t do any outlines though. God bless you

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