Dynamic Series Aerodynamics Part III – Application

I have to apologize for missing these posts the past couple Monday’s, dear friends, it’s been a very busy season for us! Previously we discussed the laws and the principles of Aerodynamics. Today I’d like to review the application of these laws and principles. You’d be surprised by how much of your life is affected by Aerodynamics. The Creator has beautiful designed our planet to operate based on specific laws and principles so that our life is reliable. What genius it must take to maintain all things, from our replicating DNA, to the galaxies in motion. We can truly give God all the glory!

While there are too many applications for the science of aerodynamics to list, I’ve picked three which were particularly fascinating. The first is sports. I’m a baseball fan myself, and as Kayleigh has recently began playing softball that’s officially my favorite sport. Football, specifically college ball or America’s Team when it comes to NFL. I was too excited, being the big dork that I am, to learn that aerodynamics were being studied and applied to sports. It makes sense, when you consider that the winning team is usually the one that has made an object soar through the air to hit whatever target that sport uses. Every time you watch your favorite team know that the application of aerodynamics is at play!

The second, and some would argue more important, application is fuel economy. You’re vehicle has been designed based on the principles of aerodynamics, this has aided in increasing your cars ability to move without using as much fuel. The idea is that certain styles and shapes help reduce drag, which in return lowers your fuel usage. Also, with aerodynamics, those designing the latest model can create shapes less likely to flip based on the pressure of the wind flowing by as you cruise. Isn’t that neat? If God’s principles and laws in science were not consistent we might wake up tomorrow with aerodynamics no longer applying, and our world turned upside down!

The last application I want to list is the affect of other objects zooming by you. If you’ve ever waited to cross the road and felt the breeze of a car zipping past you’ll know what I’m talking about. Or perhaps you’ve had your fair share of highway flats, and felt the difference between a car speeding past you, to an 18 wheeler. That push and pull sensation is your bodies reaction to the principles of aerodynamics. Recall that these principles rightly put into place can overcome the laws of gravity. This means as you stand still (or are twisting of those dreaded lug-nuts) the force of the moving vehicles are overpowering the gravity keeping you settled on the ground. It’s nothing too concerning, however if the vehicle moving past you were going fast enough, and was heavy enough, it could certainly knock you over.

I hope and pray you’re enjoying this scientifically minded Monday series my friends. Next week we’ll be moving on to a different dynamic study, hydrodynamics. If you’ve missed previous posts in this series you can find them here, here, and also here. If you’re new to this blog and are wondering what on earth aerodynamics has to do with Christianity, let me briefly explain. God, the creator of all things, is a God of Law. Every scientific law we know was written not by man who discovered them, but by the One who set things in motion. The God of the Bible. That same God wrote ten Laws that you and I have failed to obey. Just as there are consequences for disobeying mans laws, or laws like gravity, likewise there are consequences for disobeying Gods Laws. Lying, theft, hate, and lust to name just four. The Bible tells us that the wages of sin is death, it also tells us that you will be held accountable on the great and fearful day of Judgement.

Many think that you end up in Hell by not believing in Christ. This is not Biblical, friend. Everyone who is in Hell is there because they broke Gods Laws, they sinned. Like on Earth, crime has a punishment, God the great Judge will in no ways excuse the wicked. He is, as well as being Just, rich in mercy. He gets no pleasure from the death of the wicked, so he condescending to become man. God the Creator entered His creation as Jesus Christ the only begotten Son. He lived a sinless, perfect life, yet died a sinners death. Why? He paid a debt He didn’t owe, because we owed a debt we couldn’t pay. Like in any courtroom a sentence is passed, that sentence for you and I is death, yet Christ stepped in and took that death in our place. If you repent of your sins and put your faith in Christ Jesus alone, then you can receive the gift of God, eternal life. This means your debt has been paid, your sins are forgiven, and you have been made a new creation. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to ask. Others, be good Berean’s my beloved brethren, and study to show yourselves approved.

Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

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    1. Thanks brother, you’re encouragement is much appreciated! This stuff is so fascinating, I wish I had the faculties to fully understand it all. It’s far beyond my brains grasp, especially when it gets into planets responded to other planets movement and what not! I wasn’t even going to attempt that one, I’ll leave it to the scientists at AiG 🙂

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