Twisted Tuesday – Liberty or Sin? Smoking Cigars

It’s liberty, beloved. Shortest post ever. Be good Berean’s and…

Ok, I’m kidding. Not about the liberty part, about being done with the post. As far as I can tell, there’s nothing Scripturally prohibitive against having a cigar from time to time. That’s hard for me to say, I’m married to a Respiratory Therapist who sees first hand how bad these things are for you. I really want to do a quick mom rant here for all my Neo-Reformed friends, but we all know how bad smoking is. I’m not sure how anyone could to it to the glory of God, however that’s why we have liberty. I’m always reminded of the card Leonard Ravenhill sent to Paul Washer with a hand written note that read “Others can, you can not.”

Why are there some believers who smoke cigars and post about it on social media? Most of them point to Spurgeon, whose doctor actually encouraged him to smoke them for his health, as a ‘relaxant’. My what we’ve learned since then! Eventually he realized they weren’t helping his health, and towards the end of his life he gave them up. If I had as many health issues as he did I’d probably give it a try as well. Either way, we have liberty in this area, but should never follow someone else’s behavior. If it’s popular, if it’s not, these things do not matter so much as being able to do all things in faith.

From the beginning of this series I wanted to point to the attitude behind flaunting our liberty on social media. Rather than look at the act, drinking, cursing, and smoking, I wanted to look at the reason behind flaunting those acts. One of our sisters in Christ pointed out that it could just be immaturity rather than boastfulness, and I think she’s right. It reminded me to check my own heart when posting on social media. Am I acting out of love for my brethren? Am I pointing to God, so He gains the glory? Am I being an immature believer? Or am I being boastful? Our hearts are deceitfully wicked, beloved, we must be constantly vigilant, asking God to show us where we need to mature, and to discipline us when we’re boastful or unloving. Love for one another is how the world will know with whom we have to do. If you drink occasionally or smoke a cigar now and then, would you be willing to stop should it cause offense? That’s an important question to ask yourself, my friends, if these posts include behavior you’re prone to posting about online.

What do you think, beloved brethren? Is there a Verse I missed? Am I misunderstanding the reasons behind posting yourself surrounded in cigar smoke? I so value you’re opinions and advice, brothers and sisters, more than I can express in this post. I pray this series has been edifying, as always dear ones, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

13 thoughts on “Twisted Tuesday – Liberty or Sin? Smoking Cigars”

  1. Aren’t our bodies supposed to be temples that we are to take care of for the Lord? (1 Corinthians 3:16-17) Sure in our freedom we can do a lot of foolish things but trying to make excuses for our behavior is not only prideful but deceitful as well. And in the excuse who are we trying to fool, ourselves or God? Aren’t we supposed to live lives worthy of the One we follow and not make excuses for our behavior?

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    1. That’s exactly how I felt when I first started seeing all these folks online posting photos of themselves drinking and smoking. I prayed about it many times, spoke to my husband, and dug through the Word. The conclusion I came to is that I can’t actually judge righteously in this area, because I often eat and drink things that aren’t good for the body. So instead I decided to focus on the attitude behind the actions, what’s in or hearts that make us want to boast about our liberty in Christ? Is it pride, or immaturity, or perhaps even thankfulness?
      I think you’ve asked an important question though, are we making excuses? Boy am I to blame there! I bet I have more excuses for not taking better care of my body than I could ever write down. That’s something I certainly need to work on. Thanks for you input friend!

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  2. ” I’m always reminded of the card Leonard Ravenhill sent to Paul Washer with a hand written note that read “Others can, you can not.”~LOVE IT!

    As I read that I was reminded of a time that I saw a christian smoking and thought “how come he can and I can’t”-before I got the complete thought out of my brain~ I heard this : “Because I don’t want YOU to”!!! Well that did it for me! That was pretty clear cut!

    I am so blessed to be freed from that addiction \o/-now that being said I am NOT above being tempted Hallelujah HE IS MY REFUGE!! ❤
    Great series, sister!

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    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement, and input! We’re so blessed as children to be treated as individuals, like we would treat our own children! We’ve all got different strengths and weaknesses and God grows us accordingly. I heard Ray Comfort explain once that when we was first saved he couldn’t wear Levi pants! He said he knew it sounded silly, but that they were so closely connected to his sinful life before being born again that he couldn’t wear them in faith for over a year. I praise God that He saved us, and is indeed our refuge! May He bless you, friend!

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  3. Thanks for the post, sister! As I related before, at our first Bible-preaching church drinking was the huge sin, but smoking was close behind (or was homosexuality second?). Many more people smoked back then. At our current church, they have coffee and donuts set up in the lobby, but we all know that donuts are not something my doctor would want to see me consume. I’m glad that I’m out from under that very harsh (and hypocritical) legalism I was initially involved in. We shouldn’t flaunt our freedom in the Lord. We see from ourselves and others that all kinds of pursuits that are by themselves morally neutral become sinful if done in excess. Even blogging! We all know cigarettes or cigars are deadly – even second-hand smoke is very dangerous – but it’s tough for me to judge a believer who indulges in tobacco because I should lose 30 lbs. Pastors need to teach their sheep to do everything to the glory of God, but that’s not going to be exactly the same for every believer. Always a good conversation topic!

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    1. You know, brother, as I thought about that last week I related how quickly I was drawn to legalism as well. Like Christian in Pilgrims Progress attempting to make it up that hill of legalism which dashes men to pieces. I nearly put myself under the Old Testament Laws for Israel! God is so loving to correct us, and then to use those moments to grow us.
      I genuinely had to repent, after looking more closely at this topic, for judging my brethren too harshly. Particularly in regards to these cigars. It’s so much easier to see that speck in someone else’s eyes! Thank for you your encouragement and wisdom, both are as equally appreciated as they are needed my friend!

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      1. Thanks, sister! Yes, we can all be drawn to legalism very easily. It was very difficult to come up with anything positive about our start in that very legalistic church, but my spiritual antenna go up when I see/hear certain things. We are blessed to be able to praise the Lord together here at WordPress and even to bring up difficult topics for discussion. Thanks for putting it out there. You are an encouragement to me as you fervently seek to serve the Lord (and always with a good deal of grace.)

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  4. One of my grand dads smoked all of his life ( short life I might add ). I can’t remember him ever being able to breath and as such this is one thing I was never tempted to do growing up. Some things just don’t make sense and this is one of them.

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