Twisted Tuesday – Liberty or Sin? Christians Drinking

My friends, I hope this post has found you all doing well. My prayer, before writing this, was that it edifies and encourages rather than tears down unity. I do covet your prayers, brethren, as I deal with difficult subjects, that I not over step any bounds. Today we’re going to discuss the popularity of Christians, mostly, I surmise, in the neo-reformed camps, taking to social media and posting pictures of themselves drinking. This trend took me off guard, as these photos were being posted by those whose accounts seemed not even to be personal, but for the purpose of ministry. Often times, between posts with Scriptures or quotes from Reformed men, there are memes with fowl language, pictures of them and company smoking, or drinking. We’ll talk about smoking next week, this week I just want to deal with the alcohol.

To be frank with you all, I have a level sensitivity towards drunkenness. With both parents having trouble with addiction, my childhood was rocked by outbursts of violence and frequent poverty due to drugs and alcohol. The sight, or smell, of strong drink tends to bring back memories I’d rather forget. So it will come as no surprise to you all that my husband and I do not drink. It didn’t come up all that often, as we were mostly in Pentecostal churches which pattern themselves after the Weslian Holiness movement, not even allowing dancing, much less drinking. That being said, while the Bible clearly calls drunkenness a sin in multiple verses, drinking in general is not. Do you have liberty to drink, so long as you don’t get drunk? I suppose so, until that liberty offends a brother or sister. Remember, dear ones, that our liberty in Christ begins and ends with love for the brethren. That we would do anything to cause another to stumble is unimaginable, it should be the furthest from or mind. That’s what I actually want to discuss, not having the drink, but the mindset about boasting in it.

Now all the cards are on the table, I have personal reasons why I don’t drink. Drunkenness is clearly a sin, and we also have to mind the image we put out to the world, that we in no ways offend one another or cause Gods name to be blasphemed. Unlike last week, where it was obviously a sin to use course language, drinking a glass of wine with dinner is not. We also need to take into account that we all have different maturity levels, so as to be careful not to cause one another to stumble. I could never drink in faith, or hold up a glass of alcohol and thank God for it, therefor to me it is a sin to drink. All that aside, why are there so many posting photos of themselves drinking? In what way does that glorify God, or edify and encourage the brethren? Sola Dio Gloria? All for the glory of God! We have liberty in Christ, should we not rather be boasting in our weakness and His strength, rather than in our ability to drink?

As far as I can see, these posts are for the pure purpose of boasting in liberty. That, dear ones, is not Biblical behavior, we do not flaunt our freedom in Christ before our weaker brethren. I’m not sure if this is being driven by immaturity, or pragmatism, but I am sure that it is in no way being driven by love. There are many ways where social media can be a wonderful place to minister, uplift, encourage, and even share the Gospel with the lost. On the other hand, there seems to be a unique opportunity to build the flesh with boastful and egotistical posts. We need to mortify that flesh! Am I missing something here, friends? I’d love to hear from you all on this, as many of you are far more mature, wise, and discerning than I am. Next Tuesday we’ll talk about the cigar photos, so stay tuned. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

*Update* For further insight into this area, our brother in Christ, Tom, over at ExCatholicforChrist has written an opinion here. I highly recommend it!

Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

18 thoughts on “Twisted Tuesday – Liberty or Sin? Christians Drinking”

  1. I, too, am one that cannot, and don’t want, to drink alcohol. God has not given me that liberty because I could be that weaker brother or sister. As far as others posting their freedom, I wonder if it is more a matter of it being something in their freedom to drink and not necessarily are they boasting of it, just simply not giving it consideration. If so, your post should give reason for pause.

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    1. What a great point, sister! I praise God for the body of Christ, what a blessing to have help in these areas. I appreciate your point of few, it is very likely that they hadn’t considered! May the Lord bless you, as you’ve been a great blessing to me today!

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  2. Thanks for this post, sister. After accepting Christ, we attended a church that preached that drinking alcohol was a sin. Period. Like you, from reading the Word I concluded that while drunkenness was definitely a sin, having a single glass of beer or wine now and then didn’t seem to be. Admonitions against drinking were so frequent at our church, it seemed like it was one of the “ultimate” sins. It was that kind of heavy-handed legalistic approach against drinking and other “pet sins” that eventually soured me on our church.

    A couple of years ago I wrote the post below about drinking and a lot of it was probably in reaction to my old church. The comments are very pertinent to what you’ve written. A believer has the liberty to consume a drink and not get drunk, but that does not mean we should flaunt that liberty in the face of a brother or sister who believes differently.

    I have a couple of Christian friends who take advantage of their liberty to consume alcohol, but they usually become inebriated when they do so. They know the Bible’s admonitions against drunkenness, but everyone likes to think THEY can “handle it” and are still “in control” of themselves, when everyone around them can see that they’re not. A bad testimony. I’ve brought it up and been told to mind my own business.

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    1. That post really blessed me, brother, do you mind if I add it to mine? It’s exactly what my husband said when we began discussing these issues together, in particular that bit about the cheese burger!

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  3. Well being brought up Southern baptist and then eventyally changing to PCA I can tell you most of the “Christians” we were areound did partake. I have just never known anyone who advenced their walk with God drinking. but I have known people who messed up their lives because of it. Fortunately I can’t stand the stuff or I may have been in the wrong line since I used to keep a Coke on hand at all time which is equally bad.

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  4. Well. I don’t drink. Not a drop. My father was an alcoholic, but I still drank liberally up unti about 10 years ago. I continued to drink in moderation even after I was saved. One day I just chucked the beer out and have not touched a drop in 10 years, and likely won’t again. I totally agree with what you said about those guys, as if they are boasting in their liberty. That is clearly sinful. I also agree that the occassionaly drink is probably not sinful in and of itself, but that drunkenness clearly is. Now, I will add this; in our work we don’t drink. In fact, we convenant together that we will not. While I may personally think that borders on legalism, I choose to fellowship there, so I abide volunarily with that convenant.

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    1. Wow, thank you for your agreement, brother, it was really encouraging to read this. I think it’s awesome that you’re in a group that holds one another accountable, I think that is something that could be really encouraging to anyone who has struggled with alcohol. Having it already in place makes it easier for those brothers and sisters to find that accountability. Its really a beautiful thing that God has given us liberty, though it’s a shame we tend to take those blessings and boast in them rather than the one who gave them. Thanks for your input, brother! May the Lord bless you!

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  5. Lauren, I appreciate so much what you’re doing here. Thank you! Love is supreme, for the Lord and one another. As for me and drinking, a half a glass of wine makes me groggy. My Grandpop destroyed his wine making apparatus after coming home one evening and finding his sons and their friends drinking homemade wine and playing cards. Now playing cards and having a glass of wine with dinner aren’t evil in themselves, but Grandpop had seen his brother’s life destroyed by drinking.

    There is so much we all have seen and could say. Do everything to the glory of God. If you can’t do something – that’s not forbidden – to his glory, don’t do it.

    Sorry if I’m rattling on but preaching and teaching on drinking should be done carefully because we can harm those who have a definite problem with this. We had a suicide in a church we attended. You’ve done this carefully, and the comments are really helpful also.

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    1. Oh, my dear sister, I’m so sorry to hear that your church has lost someone in that way. I prayed, and will continue to pray, for you and your congregation.
      I appreciate your story as well as your encouragement. Especially learning about your Grandpop!

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