Series on Feminism in the Church – Part IV Final Post

It’s Friday once again, dear ones, which means we will once again be addressing my least favorite subject. I thought the reading for last weeks post was the most grievous, until I began to research for today. I’m going to discuss the connections between feminism and Wicca/new ageism, so once again I must apologize for the quotes, they’ll be difficult to read. As I’ve mentioned previously, I grew up in a feministic household. I had never made a connection, however, to my mothers feministic beliefs and her turn towards witchcraft. I can see now how easy it is to move toward so called ‘spirituality’ and goddess worship when so much of the literature bends in that direction.

This is a serious indictment against allowing feminism in the church. I’m in no way suggesting that every feminist is a practicing Wiccan, however most of the leading feminists view their movement in a spiritual way. Like anything that steps away from a Biblical structure, it leads down the path towards witchcraft in steps. The end result seems to be atheism, though many stay within a new age mysticism that borrows Christian language. Others continue on to Wicca, or goddess worship. Again, it’s important to note that none of these underlining goals have anything to do with equality. Witchcraft and goddess worship does nothing to help women earn the same pay as men, yet it is pushed in the feminist groups and is direct opposition to Christianity. The Biblical view, on the other hand, of man and woman is equality. As Paul states, we are equal, whether we are male or female, with differing roles in the body of Christ.

My deep concern is that many women within the church that embrace feminism are unaware of these connections. Our leaders, elders, and pastors are vilified if they dare to urge discernment in this area. I pray that this series will help break down some of the walls that have been built between women and men in the name of equality. Let me just remind you, beloved, that in these posts I’ve pointed out feminism’s attack against Christianity, men, and marriage alone with showing its roots and spirituality which oppose Christ in every way. Once again, we have to ask ourselves, in light on the SBC’s wavering and women like Beth Moore’s recent hurtful rhetoric, should feminism be in the church? My stand is clear, friends, you’ll have to decide this for yourself. As always, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

If you’ve missed the previous posts here are links to Part I, Part II, and Part III.

Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

28 thoughts on “Series on Feminism in the Church – Part IV Final Post”

      1. Thank you sister, this was such a hard one to write. Just the memories of growing up in that life style alone was enough to push me through it. God has truly blessed me by giving me the opportunity to warn about this downfall.

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      2. That is the same for me, even the older female cousins! At least they all usually looked out for me, being the youngest in the family. God brought us through it in His providence, as painful as it is at least now we can raise an alarm when we see it creeping in through the church doors!

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    1. I actually use to follow her myself, before I was saved. I was referring to that letter, friend. Unfortunately her generalization of Christian men has been hurtful to many believers owing to the letters accusations of sexism. If she had been specific, or called out individuals I don’t think it would have been so damaging. I speak to a lot of unbelievers, and public letters like the one she wrote also hurts my testimony, as it gives them a generalized view of Godly men that’s inaccurate, yet hard to forget.
      I’m so thankful you found this post helpful, may the Lord bless you!

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      1. Of course! I should be more specific in my posts, only I know most folks are busy so I try to keep it short and sweet. I so appreciate your question, and you adding that link. Now if anyone wants to read about it they’ll have the option. May the Lord bless you!

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