Twisted Tuesday – Understanding Slander

Beloved brethren today I have yet another very serious topic to discuss with you. I wanted to write about this some time ago and was prevented, it’s a shame it falls so close to celebrating, here in America, Independence Day. Before you light your grills, pop your pyrotechnics, and sing your Greenwood, let me make a solemn plea. Recently I’ve been very grieved by the open letter of Beth Moore, and the overarching criticism of the social gospel proponents. Both of these groups are openly accusing brothers in Christ of sinful behavior without providing evidence or proper church discipline. I’m not sure if this is a twisted verse, or if it’s just being ignored, either way today’s twisted Scripture is 1 Peter 2:1.

Honestly, slander is mentioned multiple times in Gods Word. Specifically in the New Testament, as you’ll see in my pictures, it’s listed with some truly heinous sins, things every born again believer would rightly recoil at. Repeatedly throughout Scripture God is showing how very seriously He takes this sin, yet Christians today are flippantly throwing slanderous accusations around as if Gods Word has nothing to say about it. Any sin should grieve the born again believer, why would we so enjoy the very sin that slashed the cattail into our Saviors back? The very sin that drove the nails into His precious hands and feet? Gods wrath was poured out on Christ, and make no mistake His was the victory that day, not defeat. This is a victory we can all rejoice in! Yet do we sin so that grace can abound? Let it never be!

I chose 1 Peter 2:1 as the verse for today because of the therefore. This is one of those times when the chapter breaks can cause confusion, just remember dear ones that chapter and verses are not inspired but we’re added much later as an aid for study. Therefore we always need to check what the therefore is there for. In the previous chapter Peter details that as born again believers we ought to sincerely love one another. How could malice, envy, and slander show love? It can’t, friends. In fact, in Thomas Watson The Ten Commandments he details all the pagan civilizations who had made slander illegal. Even the pagan knows how serious this sin is, and do those who claim Christ’s name blaspheme it by slandering His body?

This is why church discipline is so well detailed in the Bible. We have the perfect plan of God for how to handle sin within the body of Christ. Ignoring that perfect plan, Beth Moore decided to release an open letter accusing Christian men of sexism. Social gospel advocates have done the same, smearing believers all over social media. Sexism and racism are sinful, and need to be addressed, with names and evidence not broad sweeping claims that we all just need to be ‘woke’. Slander is sinful and needs to be addressed. Those who use social media as a way to mask this sin are going to be held accountable to God for every idle word spoken, and I pray they repent. Beloved, let us not fall into the pattern of slandering one another. If we see sinful behavior in a brother or sister, call them out specifically, rather than accusing whole groups of men. Let us do so in love, praying they repent, rather then with malice, envy, or strife.

Brothers and sisters, the great evidence to the world that Christ has truly saved us is that we love one another. Beth Moore, in an open letter essentially accusing all SBC men as sexist by listing anecdotes rather than names, is not loving. Not to mention the idea that she had to wear flats because she didn’t want to be taller than anyone has absolutely nothing to do with sexism, and wasn’t even something she was asked to do. That aside, accusing mass groups of believers of anything without evidence, whether it be sexism, racism, or any other type is ‘ism, is slander. I’ve gone all over this country from church to church, each corner of America, and have never heard a single brother in Christ make a racist or sexist comment. That’s not to say it isn’t happening, but where it is happening that particular person needs to be addressed. I know this was a lot longer than my usual posts, but I felt this subject was heavy enough to deserve more care. Please pray for those who are slandering the body of Christ that they would repent. Pray also for our brothers in Christ who have been hurt by these false accusations. As always, beloved friends, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

18 thoughts on “Twisted Tuesday – Understanding Slander”

  1. Thanks for this post, sister! While I applaud efforts to stop genuine abuse and discrimination and shine a spotlight on actual offenses, there is a real danger in painting with a broad brush as you point out. Prompted by your post, I was motivated to finally read Beth Moore’s letter. I’m sorry if she was ever unfairly targeted or discounted because of her gender, but, yes, her letter seems to encourage a general shaming of all men.
    I don’t know a lot about Moore other than that she pushes ecumenism with Rome and that’s enough for me to not pay any attention to her. But evidently she’s quite popular with many.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, and your wise input, brother. My worry with all of this broad brush painting, besides the sin of slander, is that there are consequences to that type of action. We see it all throughout history, one group pushes too hard and eventually those who are genuinely being abused or discriminated against are ignored. So when women play this card when it’s unwarranted or if they do like Moore did and exhaust the situation, those women who are truly being mistreated will feel a stigma of addressing it, simply because they won’t want to be counted among those who abused the sexism card in the past. This is why the biblical form of church discipline is so brilliant. It maintains order in a balanced way, without a pendulum affect, swinging wildly to one side or the other.
      Moore has completely ignored church discipline, choosing rather to publicly shame all Christian men. That casts a shadow on Christianity, making the plea of repentance and faith even more difficult, particularly when it comes from a man. I don’t think she realizes how dangerous and hurtful this type of slander is. I do pray for her, as God will hold her accountable. I also hope this type of behavior will open the eyes of the undiscerning women who follow her. One day the Lord might bless me with a son, it would be unthinkable for me to see him treated as such, or to see my husband painting in this type of light, and the men of God that I respect so much like you, Pastor Jim, Wally, brother Washer, MacArthur, Peters, Comfort…the list can go on and on. We should be lifting one another up, not slandering one group simply because they are men. It’s just so grievous to me!

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      1. Thank you, sister! I truly appreciate your perspective on this. I’m going to make a “broad brush” statement, but I think there’s a good amount of truth to it. Men have been made to feel that they must walk on eggshells to atone for the societal “sins” of the past resulting in men becoming increasingly emasculated. Many would see that as a good thing. I have an unmarried sister who is quite vocal about her hatred of men. She is able to spew her views among company and no one gives it a second thought, but if a male were to vent a similar hatred of women, it would not be tolerated.

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      2. I totally agree, brother! That’s not equality, and it certainly isn’t Scriptural. It’s always difficult to have family members that vocalize these types of beliefs. I’ve been praying for your family, brother, especially your sons.

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      3. RE: Praying

        Thanks so much for your prayers, sister! And I hold up your family to the Lord in my prayers also. We’re able to talk about the Lord with our oldest son who lives here in Rochester quite often. He’s very respectful and will pay attention to a point. Our youngest who is stationed down in Texas is atheist and proud of it, at least that’s his facade.

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      4. Thank you for praying for my family, brother. I know it’s difficult to have family be unbelievers, but I can’t imagine how much more so when it’s your own child. I heard Matt Slick the other day mention that his oldest daughter is a professing atheist. You said ‘stationed’, is your youngest son in the armed forces? I only ask so I can pray a more specific prayer for him. I grew up in Texas, sadly the ‘Christianity’ there is mostly watered down, Joel Osteen like. It’s truly sad, seeing as how there are more churches than gas stations! Unless he’s in Austin, in which case he might as well be in California.

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      5. Thank you, sister! Our youngest son is in the Air Force stationed at Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls, TX. He has been in 17 years (communications) and so will “retire” in only 3 more years. Your words were enlightening because I had imagined Texas to have a lot of orthodox Baptist churches.

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      6. I’m sure there are some good ones still hanging on, though I think they’d be the exception and not the rule. I grew up in Dallas though, it was pretty rough there. Wichita Falls a nice college town, lots of Charismatic churches. Wow, he served this country for a long time. If you get a chance, please let him know our family sure appreciates his sacrifice!

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      7. Thanks, sister! I appreciate that and will pass along to him. Although he is in a support role, he did one tour in Iraq and two in Afghanistan and survived some harrowing experiences. We are glad he is now an instructor.

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  2. I’m not White and I’ve been lamenting all the attacks on White Christians lately without nuances its not everyone. I’m disappointed with the slanders that’s going on by those like Beth Moore and company. Good post sister.

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    1. Thank you, brother! It’s very disappointing, I agree. Since we all came from Adam and Eve, we’re equal in race. Paul shows that we’re equal as man and woman, though we have different roles. Anything suggesting otherwise is contrary to Gods perfect Word. This should grieve all believers, prayerfully this will cause discernment to spread.

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  3. Lauren, I appreciate this post because slander is sin and needs to be addressed, for this goes far beyond what Beth Moore did. Thank you!

    I’ve read your response to Beth Moore’s open letter and a response to her at Pulpit & Pen (caution: it wasn’t helpful) and now want to read Moore’s letter. For anyone who reads your post here is a link to her letter.

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