Twisted Tuesday – Dreams

Awhile back I had a certain fellow follow me on Twitter who advertised “Christian Dream Interpretations” as one of his ‘giftings’. I don’t know about you, brothers and sisters, but I’m always curious as to why anyone like that would ‘follow’ me. I get a lot of follows that make me cock my head in curiosity. I’m not sure what I have to offer them. In particular, at least, with this follow I was able to read and research something I’d like to warn you all about. Dream Interpretation goes right along with my post about Grave Soaking. Both of these unbiblical practices find their bases in a belief that Scripture is not sufficient.

This practice, encouraged by the Sis Roth’s of the world, is the idea that God is speaking to you in your dreams every night. God is big enough to speak to you in your dreams, but not big enough to explain Himself, so you need to seek out these Dream Interpreters to help with that. If you dig into these types of practices deep enough you’ll come to the place where NAR leaders have defiantly, boldly, proclaimed that New Age stole all its ‘stuff’ from Christianity, and they want it back. This is why you see Dream Interpretation, Spirit Walking, and Grave Soaking encouraged. There’s not only zero historical facts to back up this claim, but nearly two thousand years of historical documentation to refute it.

They often use Acts 2:17 as their proof text for this teaching. As is so often the case, this verse is taken out of context, and is usually only quoted in part. What’s actually happening in Acts 2? Peter is claiming that an OT prophesy was being fulfilled that day. There’s no indication that a gifting of the Spirit is interpretation of dreams. So why is Dream Interpretation so dangerous? Seems harmless enough, right? Unfortunately this has the same dangers as Jesus Calling, if I have the authority rather than the Bible then I can tell you anything. You’re Dream Interpretation is that God wants you to sow a seed into my ministry of such and such amount. Your Dream Interpretation is that you need to sell your house and move to India. I can literally make up anything I want, and I have no accountability. Beloved brethren we should never seek words from God anywhere other than His holy, divinely inspired, completely sufficient and inerrant Word.

Here’s where I get more frustrated with these wolves, they love to teach our youth. They don’t go to the parents, like any good predator they find the weakest among the pack and pick them off one by one. It makes me sick! You and I must guard our youth from this, we must educate our children and grand children about what the Bible teaches. It might not be in your church, but it’s on their Facebook page, it’s all over YouTube, it’s easier to find than you could imagine. A lot of these teachings are pushed by the bands our Christian teens love to listen to, like Jesus Culture and Hillsong. We have the sense, as adults, to look at nonsense like ‘Dream Interpretation’ and role our eyes, dismissing it as quickly as we found it. Our youth is a generation filled with Harry Potter, Disney’s Magic Kingdom, palm readers, ghost hunters, and anything mystical you could think up. How will they know that none of this is real, unless we teach them? So, dear friends, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

14 thoughts on “Twisted Tuesday – Dreams”

  1. AMEN! Great post!!!
    “Our youth is a generation filled with Harry Potter, Disney’s Magic Kingdom, palm readers, ghost hunters, and anything mystical you could think up. How will they know that none of this is real, unless we teach them? So, dear friends, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.”~EXACTLY!

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  2. I appreciate you sharing this. It’s alarming. I think of how Joseph interpreted Pharoah’s dreams, but that was about a believer interpreting a non-believer’s dreams! (Not one believer interpreting another believer’s dreams.) Thanks!

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    1. I was about to post a comment pointing out that Joseph and Daniel interpreted dreams but then I read this comment and realized that you are right. It is only unbievers that need to have their dreams interpreted.

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  3. Excellent and much needed post, sister! Rather than quarantining these experiential-mystical movements decades ago, pastors kept their mouths shut, credulous sheep got sucked in, and now it’s rampant throughout the church with every Tom, Dick, and Harry giving out “this saith the Lords.”

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    1. I couldn’t say a stronger Amen to this, brother! Thank you for your kind words, and such a great point. I never went to church, back when I was in the Charismatic Movement, without chaotic and wild behavior. It’s the opposite of what Paul said for us to do when we come together for fellowship. I’m always amazed at how it’s infiltrated the RCC as well, I heard half a million Catholics are Charismatic. So many lost and falling for these wicked practices.

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      1. Thanks, sister! I meant “Thus saith…” but my Kindle has a mind of its own. Reification, right? There’s actually 160 million Catholic charismatics including tens of thousands of priests. So how is it that the Holy Spirit indwells these 160 million Catholics who hope in a false gospel and have not trusted in Christ as Savior by faith alone and are not born again? The Catholic Charismatic movement is an indictment against these modern day “gifts.” But the pope recognizes that the CCM is a wonderful tool for ecumenism. Pentecostals and charismatics must embrace CCM Catholics despite their false gospel because they manifest the requisite “gifts.”

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      2. 160 million? Wow! I hadn’t thought about it like that, but you’re right brother! The Pentecostals in particular believe RC is a cult, I wonder how they reconcile that? I’ll have to dig into that one a little deeper. I spent several years in a Pentecostal Church and they were pretty aggressive against Catholicism. Maybe they’ve just embraced ecumenicism since then. Hinduism, although it doesn’t call itself charismatic, also manifests these same ‘gifts’. It should have put a stop to all of this, but instead it spreads. Very sad! Especially when the true work of the Holy Spirit is so much more miraculous than uncontrollable laughter. To take a man dead in his sin and make him alive in Christ’s righteousness, a new creature, the new birth, that’s a miracle worth shouting about!

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      3. I have very little knowledge of Pentecostalism but I do know that the Assemblies of God for one did not accept Catholicism not all that long ago as you mention. Kenneth Copeland is a huge promoter of ecumenism with Rome along with the Crouches at TBN but I don’t know how many others within the AoG have come over to that viewpoint. I also see Brian Houston, leader of Hillsong, is AoG and he’s all about ecumenism. The New Apostolic Reformation folks are Pentecostal and charismatic and they seem to be very open to ecumenism with Rome.

        At our church small group meeting last week we were discussing the frequency of our personal Scripture reading and 2 people said they read one of Joyce Meyer’s devotionals every morning. Argh! I know the pastor wouldn’t ever recommend that anyone get their theology from Meyer but nothing specific is ever mentioned from the pulpit regarding false teachers so the sheep feel fine visiting every sheepfold out there.

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