Water Bears!

Author: Aditya Sainiarya

Do you see that crazy little creature, brethren? That’s a Tardigrade, or more commonly known as a Water Bear. So tiny that they’re smaller than the width of a quarter. These little guys are called Micro-animals, so they’re not to be confused with bugs or single celled organisms, give the Water Bear his due respect he’s a real animal. How fun is that?

This is not our usual Monday Molecular Machine, but I had to take a break from those for these amazing creatures. The Tardigrade has eight legs, with claws for toes. They have brains, digestive systems, receptive cells in their eyes, and a complex nervous system. Check these guys out…

Obviously these micro animals are fascinating but it’s Monday, our day for glorifying the God of creation by knocking down all ideas that lift themselves up above Gods truth. How do Water Bears do that? By being so advanced, so complex, that they’ve caused scientists to admit they could not have come from the same single celled organism evolutionists believe we came from. This changes the entire storyline of evolutionism, which has caused many scientists to suggest these guys actually came from space.

Friends, these micro-animals did not come from space, they didn’t evolve from rocks bashing together in some evolutionary model, God created them for plant breakdown. This great God, who created creatures so intricate we can barely understand their makeup even with today’s technology, upholds the solar system, stretched out the universe, condescended to become man. He lived a sinless life, died on a cross, bore Gods wrath that should have been poured out on us, rose again, ascended to heaven, and is coming back. If you have yet to bow your knee, humble yourself before, and put your faith in, Jesus Christ, today is the day of salvation. Repent of your sins, cry out to God, flee from the wrath to come. Beloved brethren, as always, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

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Series on Logic – Part 2 The First Law

Beloved, today we’re going to talk about the laws of logic. Last week we began this series by summarizing what logic is. This week we’re going to discuss the first law of logic, the law of non-contradiction. I’ve mentioned this one before, and feel like it’s the most basic form of logic everyone should understand. Remember, dear ones, I’m just giving you snap shots of these, we’re not going to be delving in-depth. Hopefully you get a good enough taste that you look more into it.

The law of non-contradiction states that something can not be both true and false at the same time. This seems obvious, logically speaking something needs to be either true or false. However, this simple law of logic is often used incorrectly in reference to the Bible. I’m sure you’ve all heard there are contradictions in the Bible, I’ve even heard professing Christians make this statement.

Our brother in Christ, Pastor Jim, does an excellent job refuting these supposed contradictions. The most impactful thing he does is showing that these are not even contradictions, more times than not the word is being misused. A great example often used is the two descriptions of how Judas died. Many atheists claim the Bible ‘contradicts’ itself here, as one verse says he hung himself, and the other says he fell and his bowels spilled out. For this to be a true contradictory statement one would have to refute the other. These two verses do not contradict one another, both can and are, true logical statements.

The law of non-contradiction is important for us, as believers, to understand. If you share your faith often enough you will eventually encounter this. I pray these short explanations are helpful for you all, beloved friends. As always, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Thursday Book Review- Second Apology of Justin Martyr

Friends, as I was beginning to write a review this morning about Justin Martyrs Dialogue with Trypho I realized I had never finished my review of his Apologies. My review of his First Apology can be seen here.

The Second Apology, written some time between 150-157 AD, is a short book addressing Christian persecution from Urbicus. While it is important for us, as believers, to read the early church writings, they can be difficult. When we become saved God gives us this beautiful gift, love for the brethren. When one part of the body hurts, we all hurt. That’s what makes Foxes Book of Martyrs so difficult to read. It’s often the same with these early writings, as the church was being hotly persecuted at the time.

Justin’s Second Apology is also beneficial from a historical viewpoint, which is why I would recommend it for anyone who is not a Christian as well. If you are learning about Rome, or teaching that era in homeschooling, these Apologies are excellent resources. Although I would suggest they be read to older, more mature, students being that they contain persecution which might be frightening for younger ones. For example, Kayliegh is 7-years-old, and while she’s very mature for her age, I’m waiting until she’s older to give her these books as lessons.

One last thought, just as an aside, if you have lost friends or family who love history I think these Apologies could be a great springboard into the Gospel. People love to hear about gladiators and other secular facts which happened around the same time as the early church. Just an idea, if anyone has some of those more difficult folks in their lives to share with, the ones who love learning but never come to the Truth. Because these books are so very old they are in the public domain, yay! This means, of course, that you can find it in Online, Audiobook, kindle version, and a very inexpensive paperback. As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.