Series on Logic Part Four – Excluded Middle

Today, dear friends, we’re going to discuss the third law of Logic, the law of the excluded middle. This law specifies that something is either true or false, A or non-A, you’ll hear this often in things like ‘either God exists or He doesn’t’. Some would suggest that there’s a third option, that it’s unknown whether something is true or false. Obviously, just because something is unknown does not negate the truth of this law, whether known or unknown all propositions are either true or false.

This is where logic can help our apologetics, particularly when dealing with those who claim God can not be known. It’s really an arbitrary claim meant to give those who would prefer not to be under moral accountability a way out. Simply restating the laws of logic when they’re being neglected in a discussion can help bring clarity. When we graciously, lovingly, point to logic in our attempts to evangelize, it must always be out of concern for the lost and not to win an argument. Are goal is never to win arguments, but to win souls.

This particular law of logic seems to be the easiest one to understand, but very difficult in our ‘relative’ culture to explain. Next Friday we’ll begin to review logical fallacies, starting with the most common in regards to apologetics. I pray these short discussions help you all to be bolder in your proclamation of the Gospel. This morning my husband lost another patient, a young teenager. None of us are promised tomorrow, each day over 150,000 people die, young and old alike. We need to reach the lost, as our sister in Christ BC said the other day, our time is short. So be good Berean’s, beloved brethren, and study to show yourselves approved.

Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

14 thoughts on “Series on Logic Part Four – Excluded Middle”

  1. Thank you for this post, I’m going to post it in our next Presuppositional apologetics’ round up. Sorry to hear your husband lost another patient…all the more sobering reminder of eternity and all our studies is not just to puff ourselves up.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing these posts, it’s really humbling! You’re absolutely right, every time he comes home so defeated when he, and his team, can’t pull a patient thru I see an analogy. We’re all a team of workers, in the field of the harvest! Sometimes we can work for hours and hours and the person still walks away. It can feel, for me at least, like I’ve failed utterly. Thankfully God is sovereign over our work, just like He’s sovereign over my husbands. If not for that truth I doubt I’d make it out of bed in the morning! It’s that peace that passes all understanding, even when I’m being mocked or cussed out, I just need to water, God will bring the increase.

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      1. His a Traveling Respiratory Therapist in a children’s facility. Most of the time he just gets to enjoy delivering babies, and making little ones breath better, but every now and then someone crashes and doesn’t make it. It keeps humanities mortality front and center in our lives and prayers, especially when dealing with the lost.

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  2. So…god either exists or doesn’t exist.

    I say god doesn’t exist. Prove me wrong. With real testable evidence not just the usual “because the Bible says so” or “because sunrises are pretty”.

    It’s similar to proving that the sun will rise tomorrow. You can’t. All you can say in the Sun’s case is that it’s always risen so there’s a very high likelihood that it will also rise tomorrow, but there’s no evidence that an alien star destroyer thing won’t come along and blow her to smithereens. This was a huge debate back in the 1500s when inductive reasoning was invented. The lack of certainty annoyed the deductive reasoners to no end.


    1. Good evening Catherine, I’m glad to see you weighing in on this subject. I hope you’re having a good weekend.
      You and I have discussed the evidence for Gods existence. Let me ask you this, and you don’t have to answer me if you don’t want to just please consider it in your own mind, but even if you get all the answers would you bow your knee to Christ?
      I can prove that God exists, as we’ve discussed before. The evidence for a Creator is that of creation. When we see intelligently coded information written in DNA the laws of information state that there has to be a Writer. DNA is such a phenomenally written code that it’s 3D, it can be read backwards, forwards, and from every angle, and still be understood by the cellular reader and editor. We tend to think about DNA as four simple letters, but it’s actually the most complex code ever written. It’s so complicated that scientists have just scratched the service of all the information in it. In fact, much of the sequences decoded have been found to be in charge of two or more tasks, which was previously thought to be impossible. That’s important, as mutations would destroy more than one needed bit of information, which is why our DNA is equipped with its own personal editor to correct mistakes. There is no way around this, a book can not create itself, and DNA is called the ‘book of life’. That’s not just an expression, it’s an explanation. DNA in a jelly fish is coding for different things than that of a hummingbird. That means the evidence for a Creator, an intelligent Writer of this code, is in every single living cell in every single living creature on this planet. That evidence is overwhelming. The Laws of Information has made no small stir amongst the geneticists, who know what they research is clearly information.
      Yet, with a world of evidence surrounding you, you will not bow your knee to Christ. Why? Because you have created a god in your own imagine which holds no moral accountability against you. You love your sin, and hate the God that calls you to repent. Regardless of whether or not you believe in the God of the Bible you will face Him on judgement day. If you sit in a courtroom and demand the judge set you free because you ‘don’t believe in him’ it won’t change anything. You’re guilty as charged, and whether or not you believe in the jail, you’ll end up there. God created a version of jail, it’s hell, and because He is righteous all liars will have their part in the lake of fire. We look, from our human perspective, at monsters like Hitler and know he deserved to be punished. Gods standards are much higher than ours, His standards of morality are perfection in thought and deed. The gulf between us and Him is so wide its insurmountable. But God is not willing that any should parish, He gets to pleasure from the death of the wicked. So He condescended to become man, Jesus Christ the only man to live a sinless life, went to the cross to bare our sin and death. That means you don’t have to go to jail, your fine has been paid, the judge can set you free. You won’t stand before God with the excuse that there wasn’t enough evidence, because He’s given you a knowledge of His existence. You’ve taken that knowledge and suppressed it in unrighteousness, and what you’ve got to do is repent of your sins and cry out to God for salvation. Put your faith in Jesus Christ alone, and God will grant you everlasting life by His grace.

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    2. Hi Catherine, I’m busy with 12 hr shifts so if you reply and I don’t reply immediately it’s because I’m either working or also dealing with my personal life which has caused me much grief but I can gratefully praise the Lord for sustaining me thus far. Personally, too much has happened in my life to prove that God exists and most importantly, by looking around we have to ask “Where did this all come from?” The fact that I am alive today points to a gracious, loving God.
      Everything has a creation point. I used to spend more time sewing; I created many articles for my loved ones; they didn’t just appear.
      The beauty of the sunrise and sunsets point to a very special creator who paints glorious colours against the horizon.
      I feel like I’m babbling because I’m in a hurry.
      I guess I would also have to sincerely ask you to prove that there is Not a God.
      Every breath I take is a gift of life from Him and yet I am fully prepared to be with Him should I die tonight. ❤

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