Homeschool Resources – Free Easter Lessons and Field Trip Updates

Hello, and happy Saturday, friends! Our brothers and sisters over at Answers in Genesis have released a wonderful Easter lesson plan for free. The lesson plan comes with four different downloads, each specified to age. They start at Pre-K and go up to 8th grade. Whether you celebrate Passover or Easter, you won’t find any bunnies or eggs in these downloads. These lessons focus on Christ crucified, and risen from the grave. They are great for anyone who teaches Sunday school, homeschoolers, or parents/grandparents that want to turn their little one’s eyes on the kingdom rather than the candy.

I also wanted to share with you all a few of our recent field trips, I haven’t discussed our adventures since we went to see the Dino prints. Since then Kayliegh has learned about geological formations at the unfortunately named Garden of the Gods.

That gave us the opportunity to discuss the difference between the evolutionary story of how these rocks formed, and the flood of Noah and the impact it had on the Earth. Then we learned about erosion, and suspension bridges at America’s second highest suspension bridge named the Royal Gorge Bridge.

There was also a short lesson on mechanics as we rode the gondola across the Royal Gorge, then we discussed how fear can affect us. We also had a lot of fun learning the different types of mountains, and how oxygen works differently on our lungs at higher altitudes, by driving up to Pikes Peak. Kayliegh has had some lessons on weather, and how mountains affect it, as well.

There are fantastic places in everywhere state that show Gods glory, His intelligence in design, and His majesty in creation. When we can pull those lessons into science, history, and mathematics, it’s a win win! I hope these are encouraging to you all, beloved, to push the boundaries of how you teach your little ones. As always, dear ones, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

15 thoughts on “Homeschool Resources – Free Easter Lessons and Field Trip Updates”

  1. Been there -done that and it was snowing on the peak the day we went. Long years ago on a family vacation. Both parents,both grand parents and all three of us in one car. Kids today wouldn’t understand.

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    1. Your welcome, brother! The Garden of the Gods is in CO, and is actually free. The man who bought the land wanted it to be free for everyone to see. The other two were not, although to drive up to Pikes Peak is much more reasonable than taking their train. There’s also a really neat butterfly garden in Denver I forgot to add, it had a touch pool with some fun, random ocean creatures and some other amazing bugs. Then the main attraction where you walk around a room filled with two thousand butterflies. There was not a single mention in the entire place of fake evolutionary time, which really surprise me as they had ‘living fossils’ in the touch pool. Even when Kayliegh sat a worker down to ask him a million questions, he used phrases like ‘they’ve been around for a long time’ rather than millions of years. It has been a very educational assignment here!

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      1. Nice I’m glad to hear that! Thanks for the info. Many years ago I was at Colorado Springs and I faintly remember seeing the Garden of the Gods in a tourism map. Never followed through of looking up more info about it nor did we go since we had a very young baby at that time; schedule changes, you know how that goes.

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      2. I sure do, it’s difficult to plan trips with babies. I have mad respect for homeschooling roadster families, I’m not really sure how they do it! We’ve been traveling since Kayliegh was 3, but my husbands company takes care of everything, we just go where we’re told. It makes field trips a lot easier!

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    1. Your very welcome, brother! Isn’t Gods creation beautiful? I’m amazed though, especially at the top of Pikes Peak, of how small we are and how great God is. That mountain top didn’t put us much closer to the sun, because the sun is so much bigger than earth and so far away. But then, the biggest star makes our sun look like a speck of salt. Yet God created it all, upholds it, maintains it, spins it in motion. Still…the greatest miracle is that He can change a idolatrous heart like mine! It really puts things in perspective for me.

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