Series on Logic – Part Three Identity

Today we’re going to talk about the Law of Identity beloved. This law has made a tremendous impact on how I view heretical teachings that suggest God is like us. The Law of Identity states that something is what it is, and is not what it is not. That seems, just like the Law of Non-Contradiction, very obvious. A bird is a bird, it’s not a dinosaur. However, many cults ignore this logical absolute and make God unto something He is not. God is God, He is not like man. He is as far from being like man, as man is as far from being like God.

When we have a greater understanding of this Law, and all the laws of logic, we have a greater understanding of the Law Giver. Naturalism can not account for things that are not material, such as Laws of Logic. We’re told by evolutionists that the world was formed by random chance processes, yet what we observe is order. We know the laws of mathematics, logic, communication, gravity, etc. without seeing them, touching them, hearing them. 2 plus 2 is always 4, no matter where you stand on Earth. An apple is always an apple, it’s never an orange. God is always God, the Creator of the Universe, not as some cults have suggested, a man who once lived on another planet and became a god of this planet.

The Laws of Logic are evident, when discussed we can see how obvious they are. Yet, we live in a culture that wants so badly to believe everything is relative. Logic isn’t relative, you don’t have your logic and I have mine. This is one of the many reasons it’s imperative that we, as believers, know, understand, and teach the Laws of Logic. ‘Come, let us reason together’. If you want more information on this here is a great link. As always, dear friends, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

11 thoughts on “Series on Logic – Part Three Identity”

  1. Thanks, sister. Yes, just one cult, Mormonism, with 16 million members, teaches God the Father was once a man but was elevated to deity as a result of obedience to his god.

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    1. 16 million, goodness what a frightening number brother! I have relatives that are in the Mormon church, they’ve barely read any of the Bible at all. It seems like an absence of biblical knowledge is the easiest way to fall for a cult.

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      1. RE: It seems like an absence of biblical knowledge is the easiest way to fall for a cult.

        Yes, most of these cults are begun by a charismatic individual who proclaims themself a prophet with extrabiblical revelation.

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  2. Wow so neat to see you cover the law of identity and give a “Presup” edge to the ending and even using the Transcendental argument! That’s so cool! By the way I’m sharing this in our next Presup round up next week!

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