Molecular Machines – Myosins

Dear friends, it’s Molecular Monday again! My favorite day of the week! Today I want to discuss with you a cellular motor which is at work all over the body, although in the short clip below it’s only demonstrating a muscle myosin involved in contraction.

Did you see the hero of the day, ATP, showcased in that clip? I love when we see multiple complex molecular machines involved in a new process! It compounds the issue of evolution; how could any of this function unless it miraculously evolved at the same time through random chance mutations? Bare in mind, beloved, that mutations can not create new information. As we’ve discussed in previous posts, these molecular machines are made up of multiple necessary parts. They need every tiny piece to be functional or the whole molecular machine shuts down. The idea that these beautifully intricate minuscule motors could have come about through ‘evolutionary processes’ is mathematically impossible.

You see, beloved friends, while the atheistic evolutionist enjoys calling our faith a belief in the ‘pie in the sky’, their faith in evolutionism is truly a blind faith. We have 66 books written over a large period of time by 40 some odd men, all telling the same message, preserved by God, inspired by the Holy Spirit, to explain exactly how these molecular machines came about. While the lost are left appealing to the authority of whichever scientist or philosopher is repeating what they want to hear, we can appeal to the ultimate authority. This great God that we serve surely deserves all praise, and honor, and glory! I pray this series is a blessing to you, dear brethren, and encourages you to a deeper awe of God the Creator. As always, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

12 thoughts on “Molecular Machines – Myosins”

      1. Thanks, sister! As I was watching the video I was thinking, How many times do I flex just one arm each day without even thinking about it? It’s absolutely amazing to see all that must take place at the molecular level.

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      2. Right, Kk and I sat here for ten minutes laughing hysterically as we flexed our arms thinking of all those Myosins flip flopping like tiny legs. It’s truly joyful to learn about Gods designs. The most fascinating thing to me is that these cellular machines run on their own, we don’t think about it, but God upholds all things even the invisible ones! He is so much greater than my mind can comprehend!

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      3. Yes I was thinking the same thing! The video shows what’s talking place in slo-mo so we can visually comprehend, but in reality those little molecules are darting around at warp speed! So glorious!

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      4. That’s a really good point, it’s really difficult for molecular scientists to see them in action. They’ve got some special tech designed to allow them to see cells when they’re still alive. Mostly they take a dead cell apart and look to see how pieces fit. I can’t wait to see what we learn with the new technology!

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