Wednesday Testimony – What is Truth?

There is this heart breaking moment in the Word of God where Pilate asks “what is truth?” as he looks into the eyes of the only one who could answer that question, because He is the answer to that question. The worst part is that Pilate didn’t stick around for an answer. Most people who question truth don’t actually want an answer, they want to believe truth is relative. There’s nothing new under the sun, relativism today is no different. The testimony below is of a young man who genuinely sought the answer to Pilates question. I pray it’s a blessing to you all, beloved brethren. As always, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

9 thoughts on “Wednesday Testimony – What is Truth?”

  1. There is no proof that the sun will rise tomorrow. But based on the fact that it has risen for the past 4.5 billion years means that it’s pretty likely that baring any sudden changes the sun will rise tomorrow. This is inductive reasoning: making a conclusion not based on Truth™, but on observation and evidence. It may be an incorrect conclusion, but the odds of it being incorrect are very, very unlikely. Inductive reasoning is the basis of scientific study: not the search for Truth™, but the search for the most likely answer based on what we’re already know.

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    1. Good afternoon Catherine, it’s wonderful to hear from you. I’d love to hear your opinion on the video, and the young mans experience with relativism.
      In regards to what you’ve stated about inductive reasoning, the issue occurs when one of the premises being used is faulty. You might use a false premise and still come to a correct conclusion, you might use a correct premise and still come to a wrong conclusion. When any scientific study starts with evolutionism as a fact it’s basing its conclusion on a false premise. Evolution has no basis, it has no explanation for how something came from nothing, it has no evidence nor can it have evidence as it’s historical science, which can not be recreated. Therefor, it’s illogical to use evolutionism within inductive reasoning, which means scientific studies that do so are illogical from the beginning.
      Let’s talk a little about some of the falsehoods just in your own sentences here. Science does not search for truth, yet you state it’s a ‘fact’ that the sun has risen for 4.5 billion years. How can that be a fact? Secular scientists can’t even come to an agreement on how stars form, as far as they can tell it’s impossible. So you’ve assumed the sun is 4.5 billion years old without any evidence, based on a theory that can’t explain how that sun was formed, or how the universe came into existence. This is my point, you’ve decided what truth is to you, regardless of the evidence clearly pointing elsewhere. Evolutionism is your relative truth, not because you’ve used sound science, or logical reasoning, but because you want it to be your truth. You have faith in it. Why put your faith in something that man has made up from their vein imaginations? This is the only way you can avoid being held accountable for your sins. Consider this, Catherine, if you sin just three times a day, whether in your thought life to lust after another which Jesus says in adultery at heart, or telling a lie, or blaspheming the name of God, you’ve sinned over a thousand times in one year. Most people break Gods law far more than three times a day. If you live to be 80 that’s 80,000 sins against an infinitely righteous God. I’d want to invent something else to put my faith in too, in fact I did. As we’ve discussed previously, I had made a god in my own image which would never judge me and only ever love me. Unfortunately false gods , whether made from wood, gold, or imaginations, can not save. Thankfully the one TRUE God condescended to become man, bore my sins on that cross, and paid the debt I owed for my thousands of sins. By the grace of a good, just, loving God my sins have been forgiven, through faith in Christ alone.
      Lastly, where do the laws of logic come from? Why can we, as human beings, reason? Because we came from a reasonable, logical, Creator. If you look at a beautiful painting it would be illogical to assume it came about by random chance. If there’s a painting, there is a painter. That’s logical. If there’s a complex building, a sky scraper, it’s logical to assume there was a builder rather than an act of evolution and erosion causing the building to randomly come together. Yet, you and I are far more complex than a building, or a painting. How illogical it is to assume we came about by random chance, and natural selection. The word science just means ‘knowledge’, so it’s illogical to suggest that a scientific study is anything but the search for truth. You can reason logically, but to do so would be to admit you’ve sinned against an infinite God, so you twist the meaning of words to say something that fits your faith in evolution. You don’t have to continue to suppress the truth in unrighteousness, God is mighty to save and today is the day of salvation. You and I have sinned against God the Creator and on judgement day we’ll either hear that Christ has paid our fine, and we’re free to go, or that we are guilty sinners condemned. Please, repent of your sins, put your faith in Jesus Christ, cry out to God for forgiveness.

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  2. Thanks for the message and video, sister! Yes, I also asked “What is truth?” like Pilate and searched for the Truth like that young man. The video brought to mind the time in my life when the light came on from the Holy Spirit and I met the Truth. But it’s not just a memory, it’s a daily walk with Him!

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    1. Praise God! What is this kind of love, that while we were yet sinners He died for us? Thank you for sharing your testimony, brother! I can see, like John Newton, that this grace truly is amazing grace. It’s too grand for me to even comprehend. I never even wanted the truth, I wanted my Santa clause god. But God, in His infinite lovingkindness, called to me anyway! If He can save such a wretched idolator like myself, I have great hope for all the lost we’ve been praying for. I’ve prayed for your children, brother, often! I look forward to the day when they join the body of Christ through the grace of God.

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      1. Thank you so much for your prayers for our sons, sister! That’s a blessing to know. And I will continue to pray for you and all of your family, saved and lost!

        Yes, we stand before the Lord without one single plea. What amazing love and mercy!
        RE: It’s too grand for me to even comprehend.
        Every so often, I grasp just a tiny, tiny bit of who I am now, in Christ, and I’m overwhelmed. Don’t ask me to sing “Amazing Grace” because each time the veil parts just a crack and the tears flow.

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