LivingWaters presents Evolution Vs. God

While I love all of Ray Comforts movies, and find the use of the Gospel in each one very refreshing, this might be one of my favorites. I come from the generation who was told with deafening conceit that Evolution was a proven fact. We didn’t have the resources growing up that are available today. Don’t get me wrong, Evolution is still heralded as a ‘fact’ and little has changed in text books. However, what has changed is the readily available information within the scientific community that shows the massive flaws in the theory.

The real issue stems from the origin of the origins debate. Evolutionism didn’t begin as a scientific endeavor, but as a philosophical one. Unfortunately, along with any evidence against evolution, logic is also no longer taught in public schools. Remember, beloved brethren, that less than a hundred years ago it was evolution that was illegal to teach in American schools. So what phenomenal evidence was found to cause such a complete change? Watch and see…


Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

24 thoughts on “LivingWaters presents Evolution Vs. God”

    1. Excellent point, brother, especially in light of there still being no evidence of transitional species all these years later. Most geologists will plead with their evolutionary counterparts to stop pointing to the fossil record. Now that fossils have been found with proteins, tissue, and DNA still intact there’s really nothing left for those dry bones to offer. Of course, those scientific facts have no power to save, which is why I love how Comforts videos always include the Gospel. Even Muslims have creationists who go around teaching against evolutionism. Without the Gospel, we just make agnostics out of atheists. That’s another reason why I’m so thankful for your ministry, brother, you even brought the Gospel out of a post on The Bryds!

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      1. Yes, you make a good point, sister, about works religionists creationists being no farther ahead than atheists. I really had no intention of mentioning the Lord in that first Byrds review. My plan was to wait until the next one. But at the end of writing it, the Lord brought to mind the quote from McGuinn about how he interpreted the song as a prayer to God. I don’t mean the Lord gave me some type of direct message that we’re always hearing about these days, but I believe the Lord helped me to recall that quote to put in at the very end.

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      2. That’s so wonderful, brother, can you believe we have this amazing outlet to share the truth of God with others? I know social media can do a lot of negative things, but it is such a tremendous opportunity for the Gospel to be preached!

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      3. p.s. It’s funny but my “secular” posts, like the ones about Kazan’s movies and rock music barely get any views, but this last one about the Byrds is going crazy, in the US and Europe, over 400 views already. There’s a lot of Byrds fans out there. I pray they persevere to the ending when McGuinn accepts Christ! I remember it really shook me up when McGuinn became one of those “pitiful” “born-agains” in ’77.

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  1. Logic is a form of mathematical equation. If A=C and B=C, then A=B is just one of it’s simplest forms. Logic relies entirely on the structure of the equation, not on it’s content. Just because something is logically valid, it doesn’t mean that it is factually true.

    Premise 1: The Bible says that God created the Earth in 7 days.
    Premise 2: I believe the Bible is the literal word of God.
    Therefore: The Earth was created in 7 days.

    This argument is logically valid, but lacks any evidence that it’s premises are in fact true.

    Premise 1: People who like olives want olives on their pizza.
    Premise 2: I like olives.
    Therefore: I want olives on my pizza.

    Logically valid, except I don’t actually like olives, so it’s factually wrong.

    Evolutionary biologists make many assumptions when creating hypotheses, but their conclusions are based on the evidence, not logic (or at least not logic as thought experiment). Assumptions made in science are based on the laws of physics and common sense and reject an omnipotent being who randomly decides that water will run up hill or that dirt at the bottom of the pile is younger than dirt at the top (age being when it was laid down).


    1. Good afternoon Catherine! I agree with your assessment of that particular form of logic, however I disagree with the way you’ve formatted it to the assumptions of evolutionism. You see, what you’ve said makes no logical sense. If conclusions arise from assumptions they do not come from evidence. Logically, evolutionism makes no sense. Single cell organisms would have had to evolve both female organs and male organs for procreation to happen. Natural selection is out as a way for procreation to have evolved, as the way a single cell organism divides is much more efficient. Mutations can not create new information, they only distort information already found within DNA. Logic and scientific research tells us the earth could not have formed with water, and there is not enough liquid in comets to create even a lake. We have to have water to survive. Logically, then, the evolutionary model for both the creation of the earth and the evolution of the sexes, is impossible.
      I want to address something that you said about an omnipotent being deciding water should run up hill. Let’s ignore, for the purpose of time, that the evolutionary theory of how the Grand Canyon was formed requires water running up hill. God is not a God of random chances. The idea of a chaotic universe is evolutionism, not Christianity. The reason there are laws of physics and common sense is because there is a God who created them. If you and I evolved from random chance there’s no reason why anything should stay the same. There should not be laws of physics or logic for that matter, if biological chemicals run the universe. You and I can reason because a reasonable Creator made us in His image. It doesn’t matter where on this earth you go, it’s common sense that water runs down hill. That is because we all have a common maker. God does not change like the shifting shadows, He is not man that He should lie. In the same way that you and I obey the laws of gravity, we were given the Law of God written on our hearts. Dogs and cats don’t care if you kill, or steal, or lie. They don’t set up little animal judges to bring justice. Only humanity has that unique desire for justice. God is a God of justice, and on judgement day you and I will be held accountable for every action and thought. God is also a God of mercy, so He sent His son to pay our penalty so that on judgement day we could be considered not guilty. Repent of your sins, cry out to God for forgiveness, and put your faith in His only begotten Son. We’re not promised tomorrow, the day of salvation is today. Stop putting your trust in science, science is just a tool, it can’t prove or disprove anything, and it certainly won’t save you. It’s given unto man once to die, and then comes judgment. Please, consider the things we’ve discussed over the past several months.


    1. That’s wonderful, Pastor Jim! I’m sure your sheep were enlightening and encouraged by the teaching! I really wanted to be able to share my faith but didn’t know where to start. I did a pretty clumsy job as a baby believer telling friends and family, before finding Rays ministry. LivingWaters Gospel tracks have really opened the door for my family and I. I hope one day to sit under the teaching of the actual WotM lessons! God bless you for being such a great Shepard to the sheep Gods given you, brother! Where abouts is your church, in case we ever travel to the area?

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      1. We haven’t reached the age for the girls where we have to have some kind of documentation with the state but most do it through some kind of charter school though it might necessarily be a brick and motar school.

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      2. That’s great, I’ve heard a lot about umbrella schools. I’m so thankful for those institutions! Our home base is Oklahoma, it’s the only state in the union where homeschooling is in their constitution as a right. It’s wonderful, but it did cause me to be a bit naive about other states and their laws. If we hadn’t taken a job traveling I would have assumed Oklahoma’s laws were the norm. It’s just so nice to talk to another homeschooler, brother, I pray for you and your family every day. Grace and peace to you, Pastor Jim!

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    1. I totally agree with you, brother! My husband and I have very little opportunity for direct discipleship from the elders and pastor at our church. I don’t want to sound like I discount fellowshipping, because I know it’s very important. But Ray and his ministry really have helped us grow, and learn, while we’ve been on the road. I didn’t know there was a podcast! I’m going through the On The Box episodes…Ray without a beard is weird!


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