That’s Not the Answer

Happy Friday beloved! Today I want to talk about the kind of nonsense the world throws around as answers to problems. Right now, as many of you know, we’re still in North Dakota. We usually try to head south for the winter, and north for the summer. I’m ordinarily not fond of the cold, and with my husbands back and leg in its current state (multiple fractures, herniated disk, and a pinched sciatica) the cold is not his friend either.

However, I’ve been absolutely fascinated by the reactions many here have to the sun going down so early. It starts setting around 5, and is totally dark by 5:30. It rises late as well, so there’s less time to enjoy the sun. They call it ‘seasonal depression’ and there’s all sorts of answers for it. None of them are The Answer.

Next week, here in America, it will be Black Friday. A day when people trample one another, push, shove, or pepper spray their way to what they want. It’s become a spectacle of adults behaving worse than most school yard hooligans. There’s all sort of answers for it, but none of them are The Answer.

What is the answer to societies ills? Jesus Christ is the answer, He is the way and the truth and the life. Dear friends, this world will never be fixed until Christ reigns! This is why the social gospel fails, no amount of social justice will answer the problems of this world, it’s fallen. The only way we can help the lost is to share the Gospel with them. Be salt, and light, brethren.

We can not continue to repeat the lies of this fallen world, none of its answers can save. We have a wonderful opportunity this season to share The Answer. I know that evangelizing can be very intimidating, I’m going to add a link to some teaching that has been very helpful to me this past week. As always, beloved, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved!

Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

16 thoughts on “That’s Not the Answer”

    1. I’ve only gone once with my mother-in-Law and it really was awful. I’d love to have enough gospel tracks one day to stand outside a big sale and pass them out. All those folks are just standing around waiting for hours, maybe that would be a good place to start some conversations about Christ? I think it would be even better if it was an outreach with a group of believers, maybe even have some waters to pass out! That would take an awful night and make it a blessing.

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    1. Thank you for your prayers, brother, I know he appreciates them! He was actually born with a deformity that causes his back bones to be brittle. We just recently had an MRI done this year and got the diagnosis. Up until that point he had been seeing chiropractors and the likes, thinking it was work related pain. I think in the end he’s going to have to have some metal work done back there.

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      1. Thanks for the additional information on your husband’s condition, sister. My prayers for his bones and overall health. Yes, I’m sure the oncoming of the winter season really affects him.

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  1. Strange that you’d bring up Black Friday in this post. I was expecting something more along the lines of how science doesn’t really deal with certainty.

    But, if we’re going to discuss Black Friday and your assertion that there is nothing humanly possible to end such a barbaric practice….

    What do you think about Christians boycotting Target because of an insane fear of transgender people? True story: a couple weeks ago, I was in a Burger King and there was a male employee in the women’s bathroom cleaning it. Rather than run for the hills screaming, I smiled and said hello and proceeded to do my business. In college, I walked into out communal bathroom and there was a guy in a stall. Didn’t bother me one iota. Our cleaning guy was a guy who we avoided ONLY because he talks WAY too much! As for what’s going on beneath someone’s clothes, it’s none of my business.

    Anyway, I bring up the Target boycotts because this is a human reaction to a practice they do not agree with, just as is my boycott of Black Friday, and my feeling that social justice DOES have an effect. Your post here states that all of these are useless wastes of time. That is merely your opinion.

    Coming back to Black Friday, it is easy to see that it has been affected by changes in society. For one, B.F. prices are usually not the lowest of the season, a sign that retailers have realized that B.F. ISN’T about consumerism and the need to save a buck on something they don’t really need, but is an event, a holiday all on it’s own. Most of the people I know who “shop” on B.F. do it because it’s a tradition. A way for family and friends to bond. They don’t go in for specific items, its just for fun. It’s recent spillover into Thanksgiving is just a reaction to those few consumers who don’t want to spend all day with family members who are judgmental. It’s actually a pretty good excuse to leave early.

    For myself, I stay away from stores because I hate crowds. And I don’t shop on holidays because while I may not need to spend the whole day with my family (we have a separate and more important one), it’s not fair for me to keep an employee away from their family…

    Except, in your world where social justice has no affect, these employees often HAVE to work whatever hours are available, holiday or no holiday, because their pay is mediocre, don’t get as many hours as they want and need, and don’t get paid vacation or holidays. In other words, not working on a holiday hurts these employees. I’m not sure belief in Jesus will pay the rent, especially since you are no longer a fan of the prosperity gospel.

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    1. Good morning Catherine, I’m so glad you brought up these points. I’m always happy to expound on my thoughts in any helpful way I can. Before I do I’d like to ask you a quick question, hopefully, you’ll be kind enough to answer.

      In what way does evolutionism as a worldview give you a desire for social justice? Where does the ethical argument for employees having holidays off, or getting paid more, come from within your personal beliefs? Survival of the fittest, or even natural selection, when applied logically to human beings would seem to negate all need for sympathy. If you are correct and evolution is how the world was created, isn’t it true that we’re all just animals behaving how our chemical makeup forces us to behave? For some that means greediness, paying their employees minimum wage and hoarding the rest for themselves. How could that be wrong, if it’s just the way the chaotic universe worked out? Didn’t you once say you believed everyone had the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? If that is the case, those who are the happiest when they are making the most money would be doing nothing wrong, correct?

      Let me explain what I mean by social gospel not being the answer. The social gospel is the idea that essentially the Bible is not factual, but just a book of good morals to go by. Jesus didn’t really die for the lost but as a good example. Thus, being a Christian in that context simply means going out and putting others needs before your own. Here’s the issue, if I go out and pay your rent, hug your family, maybe bring you a box of food, but do not share the Gospel of faith in Christ alone, salvation given freely by the grace of God, then what have I really done? You can stay in your apartment an extra month, you’ve got a full belly, but you’re still lost, blind, without hope in this world, and on your way to eternal damnation. If instead, I come, pay your rent if I’m able, feed you, and give you the Gospel, what have you got? One more month in your apartment, a full belly, hope in this world, eternal salvation, justification, sanctification, and a new family of believers.

      Let me give you a more practical example. Growing up we were really poor, single mom, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and mental issues were adding to the poverty. Usually, a church would provide us with groceries, and that was always really nice, sometimes they would even help with bills, Christmas gifts, and school supplies. However, having those things didn’t stop the drug addiction, the alcohol abuse, help my mom with her medical issues or resolve the physical and mental abuse happening in our home. In fact, I carried around the hurt from those years all the way up until the day someone shared the true Gospel with me. They were like a heavy burden on my back, I was carrying my own sin, and the sin of my parents. When I heard that Christ died, once for all, bearing the full wrath that I deserved, and that I could not earn salvation but was offered it freely, I laid down those burdens at the foot of the cross. I counted the cost, Catherine, and traded in the sins of this world for my own cross to carry. Clothes, food, money, they can not buy the kind of peace God gives. They can not take a cold, heart of stone, like John Newtons who traded men, women, and children as slaves and replace it with a heart of flesh. A heart that then turned and became an abolitionist, helping to free slaves who he then saw as brothers and sisters in Christ.

      One of the most often repeated phrases in the world is that ‘people don’t change’. And it’s true, none of the answers the world gives can change the wickedness of the human heart. Just because you choose to sit Black Friday out doesn’t mean millions of others won’t go, you cant fix it or stop it. The sales aren’t the problem, the companies aren’t the problem, the problem is with the sinful, fallen state of mankind. There is only one answer to that problem, God the Son became man, He entered His creation, lived a perfect life, was beaten, whipped beyond recognition, hung on a cross, had the wrath of God the Father poured out on Him, died the death we deserved, took the keys of death and hell, rose from the grave for our justification, was witnessed by over 500 people, ascended to the Father where He now sits on high making intercessions for His chosen people. That is truth, not my truth, not relative truth, but truth. That truth is the only answer.

      What God is this, that showed His love this way, that while we were yet sinners He came and died for us! Repent of your sins, cry out to God for forgiveness, put your trust in Jesus Christ and be saved. Flee from the wrath to come.


    1. I think I found the Masters Seminary videos on accident when I searched for brother Paul Washer sermons. He preached there once, then it showed as a suggestion the rest of the videos…and it was like Christmas morning. I wish more pastors did know about the video series, I think most of it is lost on me. But I’ve been particularly blessed by this video series in regards to appropriately sharing the Gospel. I saw a really funny pin on Pinterest once that said ‘if you don’t have the money to go to Seminary just get in a theological debate with a Calvinist and he’ll teach you all you need to know.’ That cracked me up! But I really have learned so much. So many pastors these days don’t actually go to Seminary or if they do it’s a liberal one, most of what I’m hearing is basic but I’ve never heard it before. That might explain why so much false teaching is accepted by church leaders.

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      1. I shared those video on apologetics and evangelism on my blog some years ago and it still gets a steady stream of people googling it online. The first professor Dr. Vlach was my thesis adviser for my second masters.

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      2. Thank you, brother! Right back at you, I’m so thankful to hear there’s a steady stream of interest. I spent over a decade in church without ever hearing the true Gospel so there’s definitely a need for clear, Biblical, doctrinal teaching. God bless you, pastor, grace and peace to you!

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