Twisted Tuesday’s – Saved From What?

I don’t know if any of you have seen, and I certainly would not recommend you watch, a show called ‘Lucifer’. I’ve only seen the commercials, which are blasphemous enough on their own to warrant a believer never watch the show.

I stopped watching cable TV when I got saved. I could sit here and tell you that there is a hyper-spiritual reason for shutting off the heretical, and often times blasphemous, cable shows, but there’s not. I stopped watching cable because tablets, phones, and now TV’s have access to YouTube and YouTube has access to all my favorite preachers and teachers. I have developed an intolerance for regular television programming over the past two years. *cough ten minutes of commercials cough*

Most of the time, if the cable is on, there is some type of baseball or football on. The other day the same commercial for Lucifer kept playing at each break, and it reminded me of a subject I meant to write about. What are we saved from? A while ago I addressed the confusion surrounding who was in charge. This is closely related and seems to be a misconception formed in the same way. Most people have a view of Satan and Hell created for them by media or cartoons.

This caricature theology gives the impression that Satan is king of Hell and God sent His Son to save us from Satan’s wrath. That is blasphemously incorrect. As we discussed in a previous post, God is sovereign over Heaven, Earth, and Hell. This is His creation. He writes the rules, like it or not. We are not saved from Satan’s wrath, God sent Christ Jesus to die in our place, as a guilt offering, to pay our sin debt…to rescue us from His own wrath. God is angry at sin every day, beloved. On Judgement Day Gods wrath will be poured out on the wicked, that includes Satan.

God is all His attributes all the time, He is not sometimes loving and sometimes just. He is always loving, and always just. Brother Paul Washer explains it like this “if you love the Jews, you hate the Holocaust. If you love children, you hate abortion.” It’s the same way with God, because He is a God of love, and He loves justice and righteousness, He hates sin.

It seems Hollywood constantly feels the need to redeem evil, whether it be a certain sin or Satan himself. They make evil good and good evil. This show, Lucifer, is a prime example but you can really see it in most shows and movies. This is happening because the church has allowed Hollywood to define these terms for decades. Why? Because most pastors just want to preach the feel-good stuff. They don’t want to lose members by being too controversial. This priority of church growth is utter nonsense, Christ Himself warned the lost about hell. Souls should be the priority!

You may not like Gods sovereignty, but that does not make Him any less sovereign. We have not sinned against man, or against an angel, but against the Most High. It is to Him we will answer for those sins, as the wages of sin is death, and the gift of God is eternal life. On judgment day, dear brethren, we will stand before His mighty throne, forgiven of our sins and washed clean by the blood of the Lamb. The lost will stand condemned, and because of this, we need to love them enough to warn them. We need to love them enough to speak truth to a darkened world, even if that truth is as hard to hear as it is to say. And as always, beloved, be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved.

Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

10 thoughts on “Twisted Tuesday’s – Saved From What?”

  1. Thanks for the post, sister! I agree with you that there is little of value on television, although there are certain things I will watch. The great irony is Hollywood pumps out a show like “Lucifer,” which seems to exalt Satan, but maybe the most dangerous offerings on TV are the televangelists on TBN who are pushing the prosperity gospel, ecumenism, and universalism.

    You are so right about Holy God and His judgment. I wonder what percentage of pastors of “evangelical” churches actually mention “hell” in their sermons on a given Sunday?

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    1. Your absolutely right, brother! Lucifer is entertainment for the lost, but TBN and the very thing that will lead the masses to say ‘Lord, Lord’ and He will say ‘I never knew you’. Heart wrenching.

      My husband just showed me a recently done poll that showed fewer so called ‘christians’ believe Gods Word in inspired in America than ever before. I can’t imagine what a poll of pastors sermons would look like, but then I remember that the masses going to their churches go to have their ears scratched. That’s what I did for so long, until Gods Word broke through! Thank you reading and encouraging me. May God bless you, dear brother! Grace and peace to you from the Father.

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      1. Thanks so much, dear sister, and God bless you and yours as well! The Lord’s grace and peace to you also. I’m constantly blessed by your outspoken determination to follow Him.

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