I love Gods Word, I love Gods people, I love going before His throne in prayer, and I love the beautiful way God can use each of these things to chasten me.

I know that we live in a Christian culture today that sees no value in rebuke. How unloving, they say, a rebuke is. Can’t you just love me where I’m at? Pray for me if you think I’m wrong! Why is this the case? Why do so many calling themselves Christians bristle at a rebuke of a beloved member of the body of Christ, or the chastening of God Himself?

There are only two reasons;

1. They’re false converts.

2. They’re true converts who have spent too much time listening to false converts.

If 1. is the case than we must not begin or end with a rebuke, we must begin and end with the Gospel. To an unbeliever playing church being rebuked will either give them the opportunity to cry victim, or it will give them a chance to prove themselves a Pharisee indeed.

If 2. is the case we must remember that once saved, discernment will follow. Do rebuke this beloved brethren, if you win them over it’s a wonderful thing! If they become angry, continue to pray for them that God would work in them from grace to grace.

In both of these cases there is no fear of God. Gods Word tells us repeatedly, fear God. It says the fear of God is the beginning of wisedom. Pastors don’t preach on this subject anymore, everyone wants God to be their buddy, no one wants to hear of the wrath to come. 

I was chastened by Gods Word this morning. This is why I stress starting your day in prayer and study. The beautiful thing about being chastened by God is that His Word doesn’t just show us what not to do, but it tells us why as well. Then when we take it before Gods throne in prayer, the Holy Spirit strengthens us. Don’t fear chastening, beloved brethren, pray for it! God chastens those He loves

As always, dear brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved. 

Thursday Book Review – The Shack

This is going to be the first in a few weeks worth of Thursday Book Reviews where I list a book not to read. The Shack is the first book in this list, I’m going to give links to brother Justin Peters, and brother Voodie Bauchmans review of the book. 

There’s not much I can add to their wise words, I just felt the need to warn about it. This book is filled with heretical universalism. I would only recommend you read this book if you are interested in learning more about universalism. 

I know there are a lot of people who will say that this book is helpful for those that are grieving.  Beloved brethren there are better ways to heal a grieving heart than to read heresy. Please don’t be fooled by this book, it is theology, bad theology. 

Why is this so important to point out? Because if you put your faith in an idol, a false god you craft after your own image, then you’re dead in your sins. Books like The Shack show the idols created by authors when the sovereignty of God was too much for them. A false god can not save. A god made in your own image can not save. The Shack, and books like it, are leading millions astray. 

Beloved, please don’t take this lightly. Is it a light thing to blaspheme the King of kings and the Lord of lords? I pray for you all, always bringing your names before Gods mighty throne, have courage brethren. As always dear ones, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved. 

Wednesday Testimony – Martin Luther

Brethren, it’s Reformation Anniversary Fever! You’re probably going to hear this testimony a million times this month. It’s worth it, read it a million times beloved friends! There is only one other person in my studies of church history that I can see come remotely close to the awareness of his own sin as Luther, and that’s Bunyan. The deep understanding Luther had of his own sin led to the deep love he had towards the God that forgave him that sin.

My favorite anecdote of Luther is when Rome sent him a letter telling him to knock it off. Luther and all his students go out to the middle of the street and burn that letter at the stake! Why? Because essentially the letter was a threat, recant or you will be called a heretic and burned at the stake. I think Rome got the message, and he probably would have been martyred if not for some friends in high places. Ever hear of Junker Jorg? Trust me, brethren, you want to hear that story! 

One more anecdote and I’m done, I promise. Luther once said that he would never marry because his life was in constant danger. A year later he married a nun he helped smuggle out in fish barrels with some of her friends! You really need to be careful what you tell God your not willing to do. Ok now on to the testimony!


“But up till then it was not the cold blood ab out the heart, but a single word in Chapter 1, “In it the righteousness of God is revealed,” that had stood in my way. For I hated that word “righteousness of God,” which, according to the use and custom of all the teachers, I had been taught to understand philosophically regarding the formal or active righteousness, as they call it, with which God is righteous and punishes the unrighteous sinner.
Though I lived as a monk without reproach, I felt that I was a sinner before God with an extremely disturbed conscience. I could not believe that he was placated by my satisfaction. I did not love, yes, I hated the righteous God who punishes sinners, and secretly, if not blasphemously, certainly murmuring greatly, I was angry with God, and said, “As if, indeed, it is not enough, that miserable sinners, eternally lost through original sin, are crushed by every kind of calamity by the law of the decalogue, without having God add pain to pain by the gospel and also by the gospel threatening us with his righteousness and wrath!” Thus I raged with a fierce and troubled conscience. Nevertheless, I beat importunately upon Paul at that place, most ardently desiring to know what St. Paul wanted.
At last, by the mercy of God, meditating day and night, I gave heed to the context of the words, namely, “In it the righteousness of God is revealed, as it is written, ‘He who through faith is righteous shall live.'” There I began to understand that the righteousness of God is that by which the righteous lives by a gift of God, namely by faith. And this is the meaning: the righteousness of God is revealed by the gospel, namely, the passive righteousness with which merciful God justifies us by faith, as it is written, “He who through faith is righteous shall live.” Here I felt that I was altogether born again and had entered paradise itself through open gates. There a totally other face of the entire Scripture showed itself to me. Thereupon I ran through the Scripture from memory. I also fount in other terms an analogy, as, the work of God, that is what God does in us, the power of God, with which he makes us wise, the strenght of God, the salvation of God, the glory of God.

And I extolled my sweetest word with a love as great as the hatred with which I had before hated the word “righteousness of God.” Thus that place in Paul was for me truly the gate to paradise.”

I hope you were blessed by this testimony, beloved brethren, as always be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved!

Twisted Tuesday – Whose in Charge Here?

Today’s twisted scripture is Luke 12:4-5.

There are many that would love to twist Luke 12 to fit the bizarre view of Satan and his demons torturing non believers in hell. There are others who claim, like Joyce Meyers, that Jesus was tortured in hell by Satan and his cohorts. But it’s clear and obvious, in the text that Jesus is not referring to Satan, He’s talking about God the Father.

Why do people want to twist this scripture? Because it’s uncomfortable to tell sinners that God is sovereign. Many want their Christianity without having to seperate from the world. But friendship with the world is enmity with God. Do we so desire the approval of man that we’re willing to twist Gods Word to earn it? Please, friends, do not hide the truth from sinners. Don’t give them the impression that they need to be saved from Satan. Christ died to pay a sin debt we owed, we’re being saved from the judgement rightfully due us, by the Judge of all, God the Father. 

The cartoon view of Satan ruling hell, helped along by false teachers, is unbiblical and illogical. God created it, God is sovereign over it, God gave the keys of hell and death to His Son Jesus Christ. We need to seperate ourselves from the false teachers who refuse to tell sinners the truth. On the day of judgement no sinner will thank these people for lying to them. Love the sinner more then you love yourself, love them enough to warn them of the wrath to come. 

Sinner, your in the hands of an angry God full of justice. It is appointed once for man to die, and then judgement comes. On that day it will be too late to cry out, and the ‘hell of hell is that it’s forever’ as Spurgeon so rightly pointed out. Repent of your sins, today is the day of salvation, put your faith in Christ alone. 

As always, beloved brethren, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

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Monday – The Most Important Statistic

I never imagined when I began this series about life that I would wake up one Monday morning to see the news darkened by so much death here in America. I have family just outside Las Vegas, as far as I know, they’re all safe. I’m going to pick back up next Monday with the science and miracle of life, but first I want to fast forward to the end of life. The most frightening statistic for this fallen world is that 10 out of 10 die. 100% of humanity.

As Christians, we’re going to be asked really difficult questions, or maybe some are asking it themselves. Whenever tragedy hits, whether it’s natural disasters, terrorist acts, or cancer and sickness, eyes suddenly turn to the cross and those of us following it. Why did God let this happen, they’ll ask. If your God is a God of love why didn’t He stop this? Why the pain, sorrow, and death? I think these questions are the sole reason so many heretics choose to believe that Gods really not sovereign. So they say ‘He gives the world free will, we messed it up not Him’. This misses a tremendous opportunity, brethren, to share the Gospel with the frightened masses, who have suddenly been reminded of their own mortality.

Beloved, God is sovereign, and death is a very real thing that can snatch your neighbor, co-worker, friend, or family member at any time. Almost 6 years ago my grandma went to bed with some chest pain, she died in her sleep. Over 7 years ago my husband’s 20-year-old nephew left a restaurant with a friend but never made it home. They took a turn too sharp, and he wasn’t wearing his seatbelt. 9 years ago my 1-year-old nephew went in to have a liver transplant but never made it to the surgery table. A breathing tube scraped his throat on the way down and he bled out. I remember where we were when we got these calls, I can’t remember what I ate for breakfast yesterday, but these are things I’ll never forget.

Beloved, in this fallen world death, pain, and sorrow, are real. They are as real as the God we’ve all sinned against. None is righteous, no not one. When someone asks you today, tomorrow, or next year, why our loving God allowed this tragedy to happen, be ready with the Gospel. Death has entered into the world because of sin, all those alive today will die and face judgment. There are only two possibilities for judgment that day, you’ll stand condemned for your sin against a thrice holy God, or you’ll be covered by the blood of the lamb. You see, God, not willing that any should perish, became man and took on the punishment we deserved. The wrath of God fell on Christ that day, and the debt we owed was paid by the only begotten Son, the sinless lamb. We’re all going to die, very few live to die of old age. Please, friends, if you have not already done so, consider your eternity. Life is fleeting, repent of your sins and put your faith in Christ Jesus alone.

When you share the Gospel during difficult times there will undoubtedly be some angered by it. They’ll accuse you of taking advantage of the situation. The most loving, and kind, answer we can give to the questions we’re asked is the Truth. Don’t be discouraged, beloved brethren, by the scoffers. Though they are angry at the moment, when they face judgment they will remember, and perhaps that day the memory will be sweet. Perhaps on the day of judgment, a few of those you’ve given the Gospel to will have repented and escaped condemnation. We need to love every person we talk to enough to ignore the embarrassment or fear we might feel, and tell them the Good News. I don’t mean to say you should track hurting people down, but when they do come to you and ask, give them the Gospel.

I want to take this moment to encourage you all, be bold. Be courageous. Be kind. Love them enough to be honest. As always, beloved friends, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Hymns from the Past – All Praise Thee, Eternal Lord

As I’m sure everyone has heard, October is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation! In honor of this Sunday’s Hymns from the Past will all be from Martin Luther this month. Of course, Luther was not the only Reformation voice, but he wrote a tremendous amount of hyms. Like this beautiful one…

All praise to Thee, Eternal Lord,

Who wore the garb of flesh and blood;

And chose a manger for Thy throne,

While worlds on worlds were Thine alone.

Once did the skies before Thee bow;

A virgin’s arms contain Thee now;

While angels who in Thee rejoice

Now listen for Thine infant voice.

A little Child, Thou art our Guest,

That weary ones in Thee may rest:

Forlorn and lonely is Thy birth,

That we may rise to heaven from earth.

Thou comest in the darksome night

To make us children of the light,

To make us, in the realms divine,

Like Thine own angels, round Thee shine.

All this for us Thy love hath done;

By this to Thee our love is won;

For this our joyful songs we raise,

For this we sing Thee ceaseless praise.