Intelligent Design – Miracle of Life Part V

Wow, beloved friends, we’re finally in the second trimester, the fourth month, of pregnancy in our series through the miracle of life! This is a month full of miracles so it will be difficult to sum them up. Fingerprints, nerves connecting and forming myelin, practice breaths, lung development, bones hardening, iron collecting in the blood, whew that’s one busy baby!

I want to focus on two of the things listed above, fingerprints and the development of the nervous system. Next week I’d love to discuss the lungs and heart. That’s my husband’s primary field of study, and as a NICU RT he, and his team, frequently deliver premature babies during the second trimester. These tiny images of God are sometimes no more than a pound in weight! So stay tuned for next weeks, because it’s going to be the best post in the series!

So why the finger prints? They’re a unique, often forgotten, way of showing the Designers creation. Every human being has an individual calling, all of God’s children have a specific role in the body of Christ. Just like no two fingerprints are alike, neither are two people exactly alike. While scientists believe the fingerprints form at 17 weeks, they’re still unsure how. They do, however, know why. Our finger ridges amplify vibrations from touch, which gives our nervous system a better understanding of what sensation is being caused. Evolution in a chance universe could never, statistically, account for this magnificent design.

That brings us to the second point I want to highlight, the developments within the nervous system. During this month the nerves begin to connect the brain with the rest of the body and begin to be covered in myelin. Myelination protects the nerves, and quickens the nervous systems ability to send messages to, and receive messages from, the brain. Once again the cells inside the baby know what to do, without giving scientists any indication of what signals them. The information, of course, for this process is already found within the DNA. This takes us back to a point I’ve made before, the ultimate chicken and egg conundrum. Nothing can form without the DNA instructions, the DNA is passed on through the seed of plants, animals, or humans. It gets even worse if you want to get more technical about the materials the DNA is made of, which needs DNA information to form.

Dear ones, the miracle of life can be seen throughout the pregnancy, from the complexity of DNA, cells, protein motors, to the hardening of the bones and development of the heart and lungs. Our best scientists can only speculate as to the whys, hows, where’s, and when’s. This is why we must put our trust, not in science (which is a tool used by failable men) but in God, His Son, His Holy Spirit, and the Word. God, the sovereign King of kings, forms these tiny lives in the womb. How great is the insult to Him, that our culture chalks this up to chance? I shudder to consider.

Brethren, let us be good stewards of the time we have on this Earth, by being good Berean’s and studying to show ourselves approved. What God do we serve? The one who upholds all things! He is worthy of all praise, all honor, and all glory!

Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

17 thoughts on “Intelligent Design – Miracle of Life Part V”

  1. Thanks for the post, sister! We take these things – like finger prints and the communications between the brain and nerve cells – for granted every day, so I appreciate your presentations.

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    1. So true, brother! It’s amazing to me with the technology we have, as a culture we think we’re so advanced, but we still have not begun to understand the nervous system. The cell on its own is such a magnificent creation that no factory every built by mankind matches its productivity. It’s literally like a tiny city! Then to see the very fingerprints we use to unlock or cellphones even hold a designed purpose…how could anyone not see a glorious God in all this? Thank you for your encouragement and kind words, brother. God bless you, my friend!

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      1. Thank you and God bless you, too, sister! I really appreciate these posts on the Lord’s wonders, a ray of sunshine in the middle of a sometimes cloudy day!

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    1. I agree, and I truly pray that the knowledge of what amazing developments these little ones go through will show mothers just how human their babies really are. And how sovereign our great God is! God bless you, dear friend!

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