Thursday Book Review – Jesus Calling

In continuing this month of Book Review warnings, I want to talk to you all today about Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling. This is a warning mostly to the women readers, but also to husbands who, as leaders of their families, need to be protecting their wives spiritual growth from heresy.

I’ve added a link to brother Justin Peters review of this book, as he is one of the most discerning, and well informed, brothers on heretical views. There’s not much I can add to what he has said, he covers the book, the writer, the background, and why it’s dangerous. I want to add just one thing, and it’s not the most popular viewpoint, but it is an accurate one. Wives need their husbands to be spiritually discerning.

The culture has so infected the church that men have taken a seat, they’re told not to lead, they’re told not to take a stand, and thus so many have listened to culture rather than Gods Word. The result is that heretical books like Jesus Calling can make it into your wives bookshelves without you being any more the wiser. This is deeply concerning, as men will be held accountable by God for how they shepherd the flock He has given them.

There, now that I’ve offended both men and women, I can get to the review. Jesus Calling, as brother Peter’s explains, is a book written in the first person as if Christ Himself is speaking. I like to use a chicken to explain why this is so dangerous. Let’s say you met a new friend and his name was Bob, Bob tells you he is a worshiper of Jesus. You get excited, you’ve met a fellow worker, a brother in Christ! Until he takes you home to introduce you to Jesus, his pet chicken which he worships.

That’s a silly example, but I hope it sticks with your beloved. There is only one Jesus which saves, and it’s not the one Sarah Young has made in her own image. It’s the Jesus Christ of Gods holy inspired Word, He is the only Jesus to ever take our sins upon Himself, bear our judgment, and wash us clean of our iniquities. If you place your trust in the Jesus of Sarah Young, or any other false doctrine including that of Bob’s chicken, then you will be found guilty on judgment day.

Please, dear brethren, pray for discernment before you pick up a new book to read. Pray for Sarah Young and all those who have been deceived by her into following a false Christ. As always, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.

Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

14 thoughts on “Thursday Book Review – Jesus Calling”

  1. Thanks for this message, sister! These “Jesus Calling” books and other similarly heretical materials are rampant in the church but few say anything for fear of causing disharmony in the body. Argh! I can just imagine Sarah Young presenting a copy of her “Jesus Calling” to Charles Spurgeon or Martin Lloyd-Jones!

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    1. You have a way of putting things, brother! I have a feeling that both Spurgeon and MLJ would have had many stern words for Sarah Young and her Jesus Calling heretical book. I appreciate you mentioning Jesus Calling a while back, that’s why I added it to this months reviews. I didn’t realize how popular it is!


      1. The success of Young’s “new revelation” cottage industry is an indictment of the entire church today. I was going to blame just pastors and para-church leaders but we sheep in the pews have tolerated too much as well.

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      2. That’s such a good point, brother. We’re a body of believers, we all have a responsibility to rebuke what needs to be rebuked. I use to work for a woman who was strong in faith and I use to think (before being saved) that she was so negative about everything. Now I can see the wisdom in her concern!

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      3. You raise a good point. I don’t want to be known as “Mr. Negative,” but there’s SO MUCH to rebuke! I’m certainly convinced that some believers have the gift of discernment when it comes to right doctrine and compromise. Most don’t, they just follow along. It drives me to exasperation because they don’t comprehend a betrayal of the Gospel when it’s hitting them over the head! It’s a spiritual battle, sister. At our small church group, I’ve noticed that most are caught up in ecumenism. It’s not politically correct to say anything negative about such things as The Shack or the Catholic church or mother Teresa. I pick my “battles.” Secondaries are secondary, but there are also times to take a stand. Glad we can share like this. Most believers that I know don’t “get it.” But it’s the Lord’s battle, not mine, and I need to show His love as well.

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  2. I’m not sure how you, as a woman, have the authority to not only INSTRUCT men as to their duty to police their wives reading material (I thought women teaching men is a no-no) but also that you, as a woman can even have an opinion on whether a book is heretical (because apparently women are incapable of making such judgments for themselves, which is why they need a man to guide them in the right direction). As a woman, you have neither the authority nor the intelligence to decide whether a book should or should not be read.

    ^^This is what you so clearly said in this and previous posts.

    For me as a feminist, I believe YOU, as a woman, are more than capable of deciding for yourself the value of any and all books and other media. You do not need your husband or any other man to tell you what you can and cannot read. The irony beyond ironies is that your rules say that you should never have been allowed to read this book in order to write this review; the fact that you did read it only serves to prove my point about the capabilities of women and disprove yours on womens’ inferiority.

    Keep reading heretical texts! Keep having opinions and thoughts of your own! When you stop challenging authority, THAT’S when the Patriarchy has won!


    1. Hello Catherine, this is one response I hope you read as it’s an important distinction. I have already corrected you in this matter, but as must be your tendency you clearly didn’t read that correction. The Bible clearly states that women and men are equal in Christ. It even states that men should submit to their wives as wives submit to their husbands. The issue with your misunderstanding is that your not willing to recognize it. It’s easier for you to believe that your ‘feminism’ is righteous and my submission is a cultural sin. We have different roles as women in the church, not lesser roles, just different. We do not lead a congregation as the pastor, preacher, whatever you want to call it. That role was given to men, and frankly (no offense to my pastor friends) they can have it! I’m not designed for the role they play, my fulfillment comes when I am set in the role God has given me. It’s like suggested the feet are more important than the eyes, every member is important although each have a different function. The entirety of your argument is based on a false assumption.

      No where did I suggest men should tell their wives what they can or can not read. However, I did suggest men pay attention to what their wives are reading so they can give wise counsel if needed. Not because women are inferior, but because the husband and wife are a team. I love my husbands opinion, and when he sees something that might be harmful to me, whether physically or spiritually, he tells me out of love. My husband never demands I do as he says, he loves me like Christ loves the church (or the best a human is capable of reaching that) so he does tell me when he is concerned for me. He would die for me. When he asks me to do something and I submit to what he’s asked it’s not out of inferiority but out of respect. He is an amazing husband and father, I have so much respect for him and how hard he works, I’m happy to help in any way I can. This is submission, and when I ask him to take out the trash he doesn’t stomp his feet and cry that I’m telling him what to do. He submits to what I’ve asked out of love.

      Do you know why this concept is so hard for you to understand? Because, if I can borrow your phrase, the irony beyond ironies, is that your own worldview is in contradiction with your ‘feminism’. How confusing it must be to believe in natural selection, survival of the fittest, evolutionism, and feminism at the same time. Every written historical work that we can find shows that men hold women as slaves when allowed to, survival of the fittest right? It wasn’t until modern times that women gained freedom, and only when it was given to them from men. Naturally, scientifically, men are stronger then women. But the Bible gives men a different command, while all over the world man was lording over women, Paul was instructing men to be equal to women as there is no longer male nor female in Christ. We are one body of believers, each with a different role. The irony is that the book you think holds women down actually lifts them up to their God given role, while the worldview you hold pushes them down as the naturally weaker sex. You seem to hold the view that women are weak, we need to ‘fight’ the authority, but I look around and see strong women everywhere raising their children, loving their families and communities, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, caring for the sick. You fight that authority all you want, you’re fighting nothing and no body, what a waste of time. The strength of women is in our capacity to love, not to control, and we love because we were first loved by God. But your wicked heart loves sin, it loves to be superior not equal, and any submission, even out of love, is beyond your comprehension. You’ve created an image of God, an image of a deity who does what you want, loves what you love, hates what you hate, and wouldn’t dare cast anyone into hell. That image is a false god and it will not save you from the day of judgment. Catherine look how easily confused you can become, see how wrong you were about this simple issue? Consider for a moment that you could be wrong about eternity. If you’ve been wrong in other matters, and you have, regarding the Bible then perhaps your wrong about God. God is a God of love, and out of mercy He sent His only begotten Son to die on a cross for the sin of all who will believe in Him. God is also a just God, He laid out the narrow way and all those who break His law will face judgment. It is given unto men once to die, and then to face judgment. If you repent and trust in Christ on judgment day your sins will be forgiven. If you do not obey God, repent and put your faith in Christ alone, then you will stand condemned before a righteous, holy God.

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  3. Good practice of discernment by linking to Justin Peter’s critique of this book; I also appreciated you writing about husbands loving their wives by practicing spiritual discernment for the spouse (and the family) too. Good post sister.

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