Wednesday Testimony – Kirk Cameron

I’m not big on celebrity testimonies, we so often hear the testimony of an actor, actress, athlete or the likes, then watch their lives show no fruit. A testimony is powerful, a life changed is even more powerful, as it demonstrates the grace, mercy, and glory of God. A testimony and life in conflict is powerful as well, it becomes a powerful testimony against God and His people. Often those famous folks that have proclaimed faith in Christ have done so for publicity sake. I don’t think the same can be said for Kirk Cameron. Here is one actor whose life has shown fruit, and given evidence for a change. We do not become perfect when becoming saved, but we will be a new creature. God, in His grace, sanctifies us. Are you being sanctified, friend? If not, if you see no change, if the sin you use to love you love still (like a dog returning to its vomit) then please, work through your faith with fear and trembling. As always, beloved, be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved.  

Twisted Tuesday – The Saddest Wedding Part Two

Last Tuesday I wrote about a wedding we attended where I saw three main points I wanted to discuss with you, beloved. The first was the worldly view of marriage, which we talked about last week. The second we’ll be talking about today, which is women pastors. The third we’ll talk about next week, and that’s the wedding of Cana.

I wrote a book review last Thursday on another book of John Bunyan’s. He was in jail when he wrote that book, he was preaching without a license. He was not allowed a license to preach because of his Puritan beliefs. Before Bunyan, there were even laws against mentioning the word ‘predestination’. During Zwinglys days you couldn’t preach against infant baptism. We’re blessed to live in a day and age where disagreement does not lead to imprisonment or worse. However, in today’s disagreements a different type of method is used, the shame and blame. If you disagree with someone, quick run to your high ground a belittle them. Call them intolerant or anti something, that’ll shut them down!

The tolerant masses do not like the scriptures which clearly lay out the role of pastors falling on men, not women. That is something they can not seem to tolerate. Like the many who have gone before us, we must stand firm (especially when it’s uncomfortable) on the whole counsel of Gods Word without compromise. Women pastors are in disobedience to Gods Word. If you’re a woman and you want to go evangelize, go evangelize. If you want to teach, teach. If you want to do missions, go do missions. If you want to work, work. There are only a few things that the Bible calls specifically for men to lead; they should lead the church, they should be the elders, and they should lead the family. When we reverse Gods plan for the church it places us in disobedience. This is true for any role the church should play.

I know there are some popular women on TV today, like Joyce Meyers and Beth Moore, who twist 1 Timothy, or Titus. They’ll say those scriptures were just for that time period, it’s different now. (Those two in particular twist scripture in more ways than one. I highly recommend to all reading this that they pray sincerely for discernment before turning on so-called ‘Christian’ channels.) Others have said women can preach so long as they’re not abusive. Brethren, no Christian should be abusive, whether male or female, leader or follower. That’s also clearly not the meaning of the 1 Timothy 2:12, as can be demonstrated when the Greek text is expounded on.

We’re going to be pulled towards compromise and disobedience all our lives, friends. If not here, somewhere else. Make a stand on Gods Word, not on culturally accepted values or popular stances. Take the full counsel of Gods Word with all its context before forming an opinion. As always, beloved, be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved.

The Heavens Declare – Everything Else

Well, friends, this brings us to the end of our series through the solar system. If I haven’t mentioned often enough throughout this series, Spike Psarries and Dr. Jason Lisle lectures on astronomy have been where much of the material we’ve covered has come from. I’m going to do this post differently than the last posts in the series. Rather than give you information, refutation, then my opinion of Gods purpose, I’m just going to give you all some quick facts to summarize and finish up our series.

Objects past Neptune, like poor Pluto, are referred to as TNO’s, or Trans Neptunian Objects. These objects have evidence of volcanic activity which is hard to account for. They’re too small and too far out from the Sun to maintain energy output for billions or even millions of years.

Comets have a lifespan, each time they pass the Sun they lose a little more material. Some comets run into planets, like the one I spoke briefly about in our talk on Jupiter. Due to this, secular scientists needed to find a way to renew comets in our Solar System so they could hold on to their deep time beliefs. How would they explain comets still existing after billions of years? The secular scientists created the fictitious Oort Cloud and the Kiper belt to explain how comets could continue to be seen when they last, at best, a couple thousand years. The problem with both the Oort Cloud and the Kiper belt is that they’ve been proven impossible over the last decade. I could do several posts on just this subject, but I’ll leave it to you, beloved, to look more into this if you find it interesting.

Let’s move on to the stars and galaxies.

There’s a major problem with our Sun, and all the stars in the universe. Like the gas planets in our Solar System, the stars shouldn’t exist.

Several theories have been postulated over how stars could form, unfortunately for the secular astrophysicists they all require stars to exist already. That seems strange doesn’t it, like the chicken and the egg debate, only galactic. You see, when we hear that nebulas are ‘star nurseries’ what is often not mentioned is that nebulas are formed from exploding stars. If stars are needed to create stars, what created stars? Another important thing to mention is that star formation from nebulas is impossible. Gravity is a weaker force than gas pressure, which forces the gas molecules in the nebulas to move apart.

How do astronomers solve this problem? Dark matter and dark energy are the fictitious, invisible, and untraceable, solutions to the problem. You have to have faith, brethren, in this unobservable and unprovable theory, for the secular models to work. This idea is referred to, by secular scientists, as the tooth fairy.

None of the information I’ve provided over the last couple months is going to convince an atheist to suddenly hate their sin and love God. Only the Holy Spirit can change a heart of stone. The purpose here is two-fold, firstly to encourage the body of Christ in the reliability of God’s Word, and secondly to tear down every high and lofty idea that sets itself up against the truth. This really all boils down to whether or not God is sovereign. If He is, and He sovereignly inspired His Word then we can trust what it says from Genesis to Revelation. If He is able to create, and uphold, the universe, then He is able to accurately inspire His people to write the truth. If you believe God is all powerful, how could you come to the conclusion that He allowed the story of creation to be written inaccurately? That is an illogical conclusion.

Beloved, you can trust God’s Word so be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved.

Friday – The Truth of the Matter

Last Friday we talked about lying, this week I want to address telling the truth. That might seem silly, if you’re not lying then you’re being honest, right? No, not for the Christian. For the believer being silent is just as deadly as lying. The only possible path for us, brethren, is in the speaking of truth.

I read an interesting comment last week, within it was the phrase ‘mean Christian’. I wondered about that, what an oxymoron, isn’t the very identifying mark of a believer to be our love for one another? Then I put myself back in my own shoes a few years pryior to being saved. Those are gross shoes that no longer feet my feet, but I suffered the momentary nausea and discomfort to better understand the situation. I remember seeing those ‘mean’ Christians always going on about hell, the lake of fire, and the likes. It didn’t look very loving to me in my lost state, either.

When I was lost I spent day after day finding new ways of playing the victim, no way was easier than when a true Christian preached an accurate message of eternal damnation. Once I became a believer I shed the victim mentality and was given, by the grace of God, the mindset of the victor. Oh death, where is your sting? As a Christian I suddenly had a new perspective, rather then looking internally and feeling sorry for myself, I looked around at all the lost. At first it was just those in my family, then friends, then I could scarcely go to the grocery store without feeling the desire to fall on my knees and weep. John Knox cried ‘give me Scotland or else I die!’ The cry of my heart was ‘give me those who are deceived, or else I die.’

That zeal caused me to be impatient with my diet of milk, desiring the meat. I praise God that He is patient, and in His loving kindness saw fit to chasten me a time or two (or ten) to teach me patience. If ever the day comes when our good Father ceases to chasten us beloved, rest assured it will be when we are in His holy presence. If you are not being chasten, friend, work through your salvation through fear and trembling! As brother Paul Washer often says “God is not a derelict Father.” If you abide in Him, and He in you, you are the vine and God will prune you so that you bare much fruit. If you have any questions about assurance of salvation please feel free to ask, or go to an elder or pastor at church.  

What does this have to do with telling the truth? It’s easy, brethren, when faced with the angry masses of lost and deceived, to falter. I don’t want to be called mean, who does? Last week I stated that we have not yet rested this temptation unto blood shed, and again the sentiment fits. We have here a temptation to keep the truth to ourselves rather than risk ridicule.

We have to ask ourselves, friends, is it the loving thing to do not to question the salvation of those we meet? In a day where 80 to 90% of all those who make a ‘confession of faith’ fall away I would submit to you that the cruelest thing we can do is to be silent. Consider this article Here that our brother in faith Tom showed me the other day. Only 24% of Americans believe the Bible is Gods Word.

Question like Paul did, whether those you come across are truly in the faith, or just self deceived. The truth of the matter is that the meanest thing we can do is keep the ‘living bread’ to ourselves like C. H. Spurgeon says in this sermon…

I pray for the strength of you all, and am encouraged daily by those of you who stand strong in your faith and boldly proclaim the whole counsel of Gods Word. As always, beloved brethren, be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved.

Thursday Book Review – Grace Abounding

Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners by John Bunyan was published in 1666. Bunyan wrote this book while he was serving a twelve-year sentence in jail for preaching without permission. This book is such a vivid account of the struggle Bunyan went through coming to faith it will make your heart ache. The only other faithful brother I’ve heard likewise is Martin Luther, who seemed to suffer from a similar burden of sin.

This book, like many other’s I’ve recommended to you, is in the public domain. This means you can download a free pdf or Kindle version, listen to an audible book, or purchase your own copy. I would strongly recommend this book to go along with the reading of The Pilgrims Progress.

Click to access bun-abounding.pdf

The Fires Rage – Pray, Brethren

While I write this the smoke and ash, from the fires in Montana, have made their way to North Dakota. Cars here have a light dusting of soot, and the visibility is poor. It’s supposed to be a sunny day, but it looks cloudy with the thick smokey haze. Hundreds of thousands of acres have been burned, homes have been lost, crops have been ruined. We’ve been focusing on Texas and Florida, and rightly so, but let us not forget the states that are on fire.

There’s much need for us, brethren, to be on our knees praying. Let us pray for or brothers and sister effected by fires, hurricanes, or floods. Let us pray for the lost that they will turn towards the One who saves. And as always, beloved, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.  

Wednesday Testimony – Mark Spence

I’ve shared the testimonies of Ray Comfort, and The Comfort Zone host (Ray’s son-in-law and president of LivingWaters) Emeal Zwayne in previous posts. I thought it fitting that I finish that trilogy with the third person that joins them on the program, Mark Spence.

I hope this testimony blesses and encourages you, brethren. As always, be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved.

Twisted Tuesday – The Saddest Wedding Part 1

Over the weekend we went to a wedding, which is honestly one of my favorite things to do. What is better then watching two people vowing before God and man to love one another until death do they part?


I haven’t been to a wedding in a while, I hope this was an exception to the rule and not the norm. There’s much to discuss about the goings on of the event, but there are three main things I want to point out in reference to twisted scriptures. Next Tuesday I’ll discuss the ‘pastor’ officiating the wedding being a woman and the scriptures that are twisted to allow that type of disobedience. The Tuesday after I’ll discuss the wedding at Cana that was read during the vows, with the meaning butchered until it was almost unrecognizable. Today I want to discuss the saddest part of this wedding.

During the vows the pastor took the time to tell them how horrible marriage was going to be, and how in ten years they’re going to be fed up. She ended with suggesting they work through it, and that ‘all things are possible with Jesus’. My heart fell as I heard the mocking tone, and the laughter from all the family and friends. Is this how the world views marriage? What does the Bible say about marriage?

My husband and I got married young, so we’re coming up on our ten year anniversary. I would never pretend we have a perfect marriage, but our marriage is one of the greatest blessings in my life. We share love, joy, laughter, pain, sorrow, and frustration. We share scripture, we confess sins to one another, we rebuke one another when need be, we lift one another up as often as possible. My husband is my best friend. My marriage is a gift from God. I would never tell someone how horrible marriage was going to be, because marriage is a beautiful thing God has given to demonstrate the relationship between Christ and the church. But to do so at a wedding…during the vows? I couldn’t fathom it, and it made me a little heartbroken to imagine the dread that must have caused. 

No wonder so many are living in sin, and avoiding marriage like the plague. Of course, lust of the flesh is not the major issue, and marriage is not the answer. Sin is the major issue, and salvation by Gods grace through faith in Christ alone is the answer. So, for anyone reading this considering getting married, get married! Be fruitful, multiply! Godly marriage is the one true slice of heaven on earth we’ll get.

How long have you been married, brethren? Feel free to gush about it in the comments! And as always, beloved, be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved.

The Heavens Declare – Neptune

I’m so excited, beloved, to be near the end of the the Solar System series with you. Not because it’s ending, but because I saved the best for last! You’ll have to wait until next Monday for that though, today we’re going to discuss Neptune, the last planet in our Solar System sense Pluto was ‘pluto’d’.

Neptune is the last gas planet, and the furthest out from the Sun, so far out that it takes the Suns light four hours to reach it. It takes it 164.8 years to orbit once around the Sun. It’s called the sister planet of Uranus as it’s similar in size and matter. The main difference is the weather patterns on Neptune, which feature some of the highest winds in the Solar System, reaching 1,300 mph. That explains the giant dark spot seen on Neptune, which is often compared to the great red storm on Jupiter.

How does Neptune refute evolution? Neptune, like other gas giants, puts out more energy then it receives, twice as much. Neptune has a magnetic field, which is tilted like Uranus’, nether of which can be explained by secular models. In fact Neptune, like Uranus, can not exist according to the secular models. They’re too big to have formed so far from the Sun. Since 1972 astronomers have known that their models can not create a scenario that explains Neptune or Uranus. Rather then scratch the models, they have scratched their head, and continued teaching that they’ve got it all figured out. 

Beloved brethren, I know how Uranus and Neptune could be created so far from the Sun, the sovereign God created and upholds all things. Why would God create Neptune, a planet that’s not even viewable with the naked eye? I believe that Neptune was created for such a time as these, when men wise in their own conceit would claim to know how to world formed. No matter how they work it, they can not make their models fit Gods brilliance. 

One last thing, if you happened on this post and have been led to believe that ‘science’ has disproven God and the Bible I encourage you to read back through this series and see how very incorrect that is. Evolution is not science, it’s natural history filled with assumptions and guesswork. We can, and should, take God at His Word friends. And as always, beloved, be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved.