Friday Fossils – Layers of Rock

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Last Week I promised a Friday post on the rock layers dinosaurs are found in. Here it is, brethren, the long wait is over!

I’ve been trying, for a few weeks now, to show the secular understandings of fossils being laid down by water. This is important, though it’s not given the fan fair that the latest evolutionary ‘proofs’ are given. Why not? Because from as far back as Charles Lyell, there has been push back against anything that would suggest Noah’s flood ever happened. We need to keep in mind, as we read scientific articles or learn of new discoveries, that scientists are human beings. As such, they have their own world views, through which they view all evidence. Their world view of evolutionism is opinion, based on assumption, not testable science. There is no reason we should allow their world view to hinder our trust in the truth of the Bible.

So, what about these rock layers we find fossils in? The most important evidence of the flood is that these layers are filled with marine fossils, only .01% of fossils found are dinosaur fossils, 95% of fossils found are marine life. Marine fossils are found on every high mountain, and sedimentary rock layers spread across every continent, some even connecting continents.

I’ve written about some of the odd fossils found that give evidence for rapid burial, soft tissues, jelly fish, foot prints, but that’s really just scratching the surface. All that evidence aside, the rock layers themselves give evidence of rapid formation.

Once the secularists admitted the fossils did not take millions of years to fossilize, although it’s still taught that way in schools and museums, they chalked the millions of years up to the layers. This, again, dates back to Lyell, counting each layer as if it were years. However, we now have plenty of observable evidence with Mt. Saint Helens to show rock layers that were laid down in a matter of hours. Along with this issue, there is the lack of erosion between layers. Each layer is laid down one on top of another, beautifully uniform, without signs of years and years of erosion.

Now secular scientists are between a rock and a hard place here. They can no longer claim fossilization or rock layers take long periods of time. Remember the circular reasoning in the method used to date dinosaurs relies on old rock. They date the rock based on the dinosaurs found in them. They date the dinosaurs based on the rock they found them in. What happens to this scenario when the rocks can no longer be considered millions of years old?

This is one of the many reasons I was so disenfranchised with science. I loved science, and I had a tremendous amount of respect for scientists growing up. I want to tell you all, beloved, that there are thousands of scientists who are honest, they do recognize the errors in evolutionism. They just aren’t given the fan fair that the scientists who fall in line with the secular darling, evolution, are given.

We need to have an answer for the hope we have. That’s the point of Monday’s and Friday’s here, to edify the body, to give you all more confidence in Gods Word. Also, to give you all examples you can take with you when you evangelize. Creation science can not save, I would never suggest that however, these answers to often asked questions can soften a hard heart to hear the gospel message. It is important, brethren, that we study to show ourselves approved. Be good Bereans, friends!

Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

3 thoughts on “Friday Fossils – Layers of Rock”

  1. “Their world view of evolutionism is opinion, based on assumption, not testable science.”

    But your creationist world view is opinion based on assumption, not testable by science!

    You seem to be under the impression that every layer of rock was laid down perfectly and in the same manner as those around it. You said yourself the Mt Saint Helens disproves this hypothesis. Which is TRUE! Each layer was laid down in it’s own way, under different circumstances.

    Some were laid down by a flood. Others by a volcano. A rock slide. A mud slide. Plate Tectonics caused a section to be thrust upwards (or downwards) in relation to it’s surroundings, but this couldn’t have happened until AFTER the layer was formed.

    If the Plates move on average the same speed as a growing fingernail, we can project backwards to figure out their position 173 million years ago. We can hypothesize that there was a supercontinent and look for evidence to support this hypothesis. Evidence would be rock formations of a similar nature along the borders of what had been one continent and is now two. The rock layers would be such (OVERLY SIMPLIFIED EXAMPLE): A, B, C for sample 1 and D, B, E for sample 2. This shows that the samples were formed by two different processes at first (A&D) because they were part of two different systems, then came together to be part of the same system (B), and then moved apart again to be two different systems again (C&E). Looking deeper into the layers shows that there are other times of convergence, indicating even earlier supercontinents that formed and broke up.

    Using science, like I have told you before, it would be INCREDIBLY EASY to prove not only the Noah Flood, but that ALL fossils came from THAT flood! In that hypothesis, we would find evidence of a single, all Earth covering, layer of rock indicative of a flood, what…4000 years ago? 5000? Using tree ring data (Dendrochronology), we can go back as much as ~ 13000 years. Using just tree rings, it is possible to prove Noah because there would have probably been a global die off that particular year (or some other noticeable effect on trees). Such die offs or stunted seasons have already been identified in isolated areas, but never on a global scale.

    Luckily, enough work has been done already by secular scientists that no further data needs to be collected, though more is always better, unless the data is purposefully crap to prove an agenda. It seems that a few forests have been fully dated and cross referenced. A creationist scientist needs only to obtain this data and confirm that on some date ~5000 years ago there was a mass flood event affecting trees both in what is Europe and North America. These places are far enough apart to ensure that it was a global event, not just a regional event (using England and Ireland would be problematic as it’s possible that they could, however unlikely, be inundated with a tidal wave which doesn’t affect the rest of the world (think what happened in Indonesia). I imagine that this study would change the world as we know it!


    1. Good morning Catherine, it’s good to hear from you again.

      I’m glad we’ve come to an agreement on evolutionism not being based on science, but opinions and assumptions. I appreciate your intellectual honesty.

      I need to be clear about one thing, however, that is essential. My creationist worldview is based solely on the Bible. All the science I refer to, or any of the work of creation science, is to show that evolutionism is incorrect. You can not scientifically prove the miracle of creation, we can see the clear need in creation for a Creator, but the miracle itself is not testable, or observable.

      Now as to your point of my impression of the layers, there seems to have been some sort of disconnect. My reasoning of the layers was simply that they show zero signs of erosion and are thus not a good example of evidence for long periods of time. The reason this is important, as you said, each layer is laid down under different circumstances, is that it shows the present is not key to the past.

      I think you’ve made an interesting statement as well, in regard to the thrusting of the layers, of course happening after the layers have been laid down. The Bible states that “the mountains rose, the valleys sank down” in Psalms 104:8 verses 6 and 7 make reference to the flood. So in this way science has given credence to the scriptures here.

      There are two places where the examples you give contradict what you’ve said and the point of my blog: the plates and the tree rings. It’s a common flaw in evolutionism to assume the rates of anything have stayed constant when the argument is most convenient. However, as is the case with Mt. Saint Helen, we see that the rates of anything measurable in nature are not constant. Tree rings, for example, are no longer a viable source for dating as you will find if you do some more research into this. This is because tree rings are not always linked to time, but also to nutrition. The best study of this can be found in the research done in the Red Woods. This, and also the assumption that for a global flood as disastrous as Noah’s Flood was would not have left trees standing (and those uprooted trees that were not rapidly buried would have decayed) create an obvious issue for using tree rings as a dating method. This is also a clear refutation for the assumption that any trees have been dated as far back as 13,000 years. Likewise, we have no way of determining the previous speed of plate tectonics, and no observable, testable, evidence to suggest it’s remained stable.

      As to your point of supercontinents and convergence, this has also been proven to be bad science. If you look deep enough you will find those that are experts in this field have been begging other scientists to stop using this argument. This is because continents are not floating pieces of land, they are very much attacked to the earths crust. Some land may sink down, plate tectonics and volcanic activity certainly have an effect on the geographical layout, and some land may rise up to become mountains. What we do not see in observable science is massive pieces of land ripping off, floating above the ocean, and reconnecting to other pieces of land. This is, of course, still taught in public schools, however correct logic and a basic knowledge of the crust of the earth can clear up the idea that there was ever movement of continents in such a fashion. This is not to say that plate tectonics is false, it’s observable and testable. There may very well have been a time, before the flood, when the land was not separated by great quantities of water. This is just to say that it is impossible for the land to have been pushed together the way old evolutionary methods claimed.

      Also, if this universe truly was created through random chance, chaos, why would it be equally logical to assume it would follow any sort of observable pattern? Why should anything stay the same, why should anything be less than chaos? For that matter, how do you get everything from nothing without breaking the laws of science?

      The last thing I want to point out is that there are massive sedimentary rock layers that can be found connecting continents. This suggests a global event, and based on the marine fossils found in them, a watery global event. That is observable, it’s testable, and it’s been known for a very long time. The study did not change the world as we know it, because the problem is not whether the science supports my worldview or your worldview. The problem is the desire to hide the knowledge of God in unrighteousness. I could give you a hundred posts a day, showing this type of evidence, but you’ve already admitted that you do not want to worship God. This is the reason creation science does not change the world, the evidence is not the problem (there’s enough evidence against evolutionism to fill libraries, and it’s being admitted in every field of science slowly, but surely) the problem is sin.

      You see, Catherine, you have a choice. You can accept that God is real, that He is the creator, but then you’d have to accept that His law is THE law and you’ve broken it. The choice then is to fight against the very idea of God. To accept the evidences of creation science would be to accept your sin, and desperate need for a savior. You’ve heard enough in my blog to make you question evolution. Now you just have to be honest with yourself, why will you not look closer at what you believe? Is it because you really think evolutionism is the answer, or is it because you do not want to accept Gods sovereignty?

      If you do find yourself being honest, even for a moment, please consider this. God is sovereign, and He will hold us accountable on judgement day. Hell is real, but it’s not the cartoon version we’ve seen our whole lives. It is the place where the fire is never quenched and the worm never dies. Even if you think this is all nonsense, isn’t eternity worth some greater speculation? God, unwilling that any should parish, sent His Son as a guilt sacrifice, the lamb that was to be slain. On the cross Christ said ‘paid in full’ usually translated as ‘it is finished’. What was paid, what was finished? The payment of sin, the debt you and I could never pay, paid for us by one who had never known sin. I hope you’ll consider this.


  2. AMEN!! I Love those Holy Bible Verses Above!! God Bless All my Sisters and Brothers in Christ Jesus-Yeshua and Your Families and Friends!!

    Our ONE TRUE GOD’S LOVE is ETERNAL through HIS SON Jesus-Yeshua Christ for Today and Everyday Forevermore!!

    I Love You All Everyone Through Christ Jesus-Yeshua, Because HE LOVED EVERYONE FIRST!!

    Love Always and Shalom ( Peace ), YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

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