Wednesday Testimony – Ray Comfort

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This testimony is absolutely amazing, ten out of ten die? This might be one of my favorite testimonies I’ve posted about so far. I hope you well all enjoy, friends!


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I am a Christian, wife, mother, and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Testimony – Ray Comfort”

    1. Hello Catherine, I couldn’t get that link to open, it said invalid address. Perhaps you could resend it?

      In response to your excellent question, Ray Comfort is often accused of teaching works because he uses the law to bring men to repentance. This is the same technique we see throughout the New Testament, the idea that before you can tell others of the Good News they need to hear the bad news first. I’ve heard it explained like this, a doctor comes to you and says he has a cure for the deadly illness infecting your body. You have never been diagnosed with any disease, your doctor says your fine, so you write off this other doctor. Who needs a cure when your not sick? However, if instead this doctor comes to you and shows you ten signs you’ve been infected with this deadly disease, you’ll be eager to hear what the cure is, and thankful for that cure when it’s freely given to you.

      The law itself can not save anyone, but most people do not even know the Ten Commandments. Or that Jesus said that if you hate your brother you’ve committed murder in your heart, or if you lust after another you’ve committed adultery in your heart. What Comfort, and others do, is to educate those they are witnessing to of their need for a savior.

      Another way they often put it is if you were on a plane and someone gave you a parachute. It’s uncomfortable, heavy, and all the other passengers on the plane are laughing at you for wearing it. You’d take it off, maybe even give it back to the person who gave it to you. If instead that person handed that parachute to you and said ‘the plane is going to crash, I heard he pilot preparing for a crash landing. You’ll have to jump to survive.’ You’re going to hold on to that parachute for dear life. You’ll plead with the other passengers to put on a parachute. When they laugh at you, you won’t be embarrassed but terrified for them.

      There is a large movement in the Christian community to ignore the biblical bases for salvation. That’s why, as we’ve talked of before, I spent so many years unsaved. I had never been told the reasons for needing a savior. It’s also the reason why 80-90% of those claiming to have been saved fall away.

      Let me ask you this though, Catherine, there was a crime lord (stick with me here) and that crime lord made it appear all his crimes were really committed by you. The cops came and arrested you wrongly, so you took him to court. The day you go before the judge your lawyer comes to you with bad news, that crime lord fixed the whole thing. He paid off the judge and the jury, your going to spend the rest of your life in prison for something you didn’t do. You head to court and on the way in the door you see that crime lord, he’s smiling smugly, not worried about a thing. Your sweating, you know there’s no chance. But as you walk into the court there are FBI agents everywhere. The unjust judge and jury are being carted out in handcuffs and the toughest judge in all the state is standing up front. Suddenly the look of fear you had is transferred to the crime lord, and you feel relief that justice will be done. That’s what kind of God I serve, a just God. That God, as creator, gave certain laws for man to follow. Do not worship any gods above Him, make no carved images, do not take the Lords name in vain, remember the Sabbath, honor your mother and your father, do not murder (or hate according to Christ), do not commit adultery (or lust after another according to Christ), do not steal, do not bare false witness, do not covet. Now if God is a just God He will judge righteously all those who break His law. God is just, and He is merciful, so He sent someone who had never sinned to pay a sin debt you and I could never pay. Christ Jesus, the only begotten son, took our punishment upon Himself on the cross.

      This is the message Ray Comfort preaches. I see no works in his teachings, but I do see many people who are unwilling to tell others their dire need of a savior. So they twist the context of the scriptures so they can be liked by men. There were leaders of the Jews in Jesus’ time who felt the same way, the Bible said they believed Christ was the Messiah but were not proclaiming it because they loved the praise of man more than God. As I’ve told you before, anyone who is unwilling to warn you of the destruction to come is not doing so out of love or respect for you, but out of self loving. They want to be liked by the world, but friendship with the world is enmity with God. Your soul is worth more to me than whether or not you like me, respect me, or think I’m intellectual. I love you, I worry about your soul, I pray for your salvation. We may never meet in person, but so long as you’ll continue coming here and asking me questions like these I’m not going to give up on you.

      I was saved by faith alone, through Gods great grace I have faith in His son Jesus Christ. Now I do have works, as faith without works is dead, but not to become saved, because I am saved. I want to work while there is still daylight, I want to be obedient to God who graciously rescued me from the bondage of sin and the wages there of. Salvation is not the effect of works, but the cause.

      God is no respecter of man, you are just as valuable to Him as I am. There’s no sin you have committed that He won’t forgive. Remember that, Catherine, if you ever feel the hopelessness of unbelief, your not too far gone. He is mighty to save. I realize it might all sound like nonsense today, but if there comes a day when you are called by God, don’t ignore that call thinking you’ve gone too far. Ray Comfort was an unbeliever, you should watch the testimony I posted. Many of the boldest preachers were once unbelievers. Paul persecuted the very church he became apart of.

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