The Dead Letter 


This is a warning to the beloved bride of Christ. I’ve recently heard this phrase that reminded me what righteous indignation feels like. Perhaps you’ve heard it?
“You look at the dead letter, I search for the living word.”

This is to say that those of us who rely on the Bible are going by the ‘dead letter’ and those who receive extra-biblical ‘words’ supposedly from God are getting living words.


The warning I want to give you all is to run, don’t walk, run from any teacher or preacher who teaches this blasphemous phrase. The reproaches that are falling on Him, fall on me and I’m grieved to hear such falsehoods spoken of Gods Holy Word. As some have spoken, the very dust on the Bible is gold! Friends, understand that we do not worship a book, we worship the living God who inspired the book. However, every false teaching, or cult, has begun by someone supposedly receiving a word from God that should be held above Gods Word.

Beloved, if we are true followers of Jesus Christ we need to look to Him as our example. To what did He look to, point to, refer to while on Earth? The Word of God. How often did he ask is it not written? If the sovereignty of God in His written Word was good enough for our Lord, it should be good enough for us.

That Word specifically tells us that, though in past times God chose to speak to His people in different ways, in these last days He spoke to us through His Son.


We need to test every spirit, we need to be watchful, sober-minded, and spiritually discerning. This is why I exhort you always, friends, study and pray! Be good Bereans, study to show yourselves approved. Grievous wolves have crept in unawares.

The Heavens Declare – Venus

Today we’re continuing our series through the solar system and eventually beyond, showing the majesty of the Creator. Venus is the topic today, and like before I’ll give a brief summary of the planet, how it disrupts evolutionism, and it’s perfect placement in declaring Gods glory.


In all the research I did on Venus the same thing kept coming up, the closest thing to Gahanna we’ve seen. I have to say, after looking through the pictures, I agree. It’s not the kind of place you’d want to visit. Venus has always been called our ‘sister planet’. Secularists believe Venus was made at the same time as Earth, and out of the same material. The planet is certainly close to the same size and mass as Earth. That seems to be where the similarities end. Venus’ surface temperature can reach 900°F, with an atmosphere of mostly carbon dioxide, and sulfuric acid rain.


Venus is another enigma in the evolutionary models, as its surface shows no signs of weathering you would expect to see after billions of years. The planet is covered in lava flows, rather than being cold and dead, it’s very much active. Two other unexplained facts about our supposed sister planet are that, unlike Earth, Venus has no moon and no magnetic field. Secularists have suggested that at some time in the far distant past Venus had a moon, but an asteroid hit it. They also suggest that the surface of Venus was somehow resurfaced and that is why it appears young. There is no evidence for either of these suggestions.


What was Gods purpose for creating Venus, besides confounded those wise in their own conceit? There’s a reason this planet was named after the Roman goddess of love. Those viewing this planet before modern technology saw how beautiful it was in the sky. Venus is sometimes the Evening Star, appearing as the sun sets, and sometimes called the Morning Star appearing right before the sun rises. Venus is a spectacular piece of the heavens which Declare Gods glory!


I want to once again point out that the purpose of this series is to encourage the brethren. For many years now believers have been told science proved the Bible false. The point of these blogs is to simply give a more logical perspective to those holding fast to scripture. Science is a tool, it can not prove anything any more than a wrench can prove your car is broken down. When viewed through the full picture, with all the evidence, I hope you will all see that evolutionism is not a fact, and you can trust Gods Word. As always friends, be good Berean’s and study to show yourselves approved.


Soft Tissue Fossils

Fossils, fossils, fossils!


There is just something about fossils that captivate the imagination. We make movies about them, write books about them, and search deep into the earth to find them. The most obvious, and exciting, fossil to find is a dinosaur. However, dinosaur fossils make up a very small fraction of the fossils found.

So today I’m going to talk about a completely different type of fossil. Soft tissue fossils! Not the soft tissue found inside dinosaurs, although I would love to go over that with you friends, perhaps next Fossil Friday. Today I want to talk about the type of soft tissue fossils that leave behind the patterns, and even on some occasions color pigmentations, of the creature fossilized.

A Little Skin: A largely intact dinosaur mummy, named Dakota, was found in the Hell Creek Formation of the Western U.S. in 2007. Some soft tissue from the long-necked hadrosaur was quickly preserved as fossil, such as the scales from its forearm shown here.

The soft tissue of an animal, once dead, is the quickest part to decay. For these fossils to have been preserved the creatures must have been rapidly buried. Why is this a problem? Evolutionism needs the layers in the rock to have been laid down slowly, this is the basis for the belief in millions of years. In the places where we see these soft tissue fossils, the layers can not have taken hundreds, or thousands, of years to accumulate over the dead animals. If that was the case, we would expect to never find soft tissue, jellyfish, octopus, or squids fossilized.

Many secular scientists are now admitting that fossilization does not take millions of years and that fossils need to be buried quickly. These secularists are usually referred to as ‘neo-catastrophists’. The assumption then is that rather than one big flood, there were many small floods that created the fossils we see today. In this, the debate between evolutionism and creationism has the same evidence, a similar conclusion, but a difference in world views.

This is one of the reasons I wrote about Dr. Jason Lisle’s excellent book to help the Christian understand how to debate the world views. You can check that blog out HERE. I hope that you are blessed by these small examples of how we can confidently stand on Gods Word, even in a 2 Peter 3 world. As always, beloved, be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved.

A Book Review of The Ultimate Proof of Creation


The Ultimate Proof of Creation was written by Dr. Jason Lisle, Director of Research for the Institute for Creation Research. This book, published in 2009, is not your ordinary book on creationism. It’s an interesting perspective on the way we approach apologetics in the debate of origins. Dr. Lisle uses a unique mixture of logic and evidence to expand the discussion of creationism. In this book he lays out logical fallacies on both sides of the debate, along with giving a clear and concise apologetic, and teaching the reader to do so as well. 

Dr. Lisle has his PhD in Astro-physics, along with other degrees, making him one of many scientists who believe in biblical creation. The Ultimate Proof of Creation is also a lecture he gives, which can be found on YouTube HERE. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning more about defending creationism. 

Wednesday Testimony – Justin Peters

I thought it fitting, as I referenced his work yesterday, to share his testimony today. His testimony had some points of familiarity to me, like the passion for politics that changed once becoming saved. There are other points that you might find familiar. Purhaps you’ll be pricked by his baptism and supposed salvation at the age of 7, and how he came to true salvation later in life. When I look back at how many years I spent pretending to be a Christian, and by that I mean genuinely trying to look and sound like everyone else in church, I’m perplexed. How could I have counted that as faith? I suppose I did have faith, faith in myself that my prayer was good enough to get me in. I hope you’ll be blessed by brother Justin Peters testimony, I know I was! 


“Then, in January of 2011, shortly after we moved to Oklahoma, through various life events and circumstances God, in His sovereign grace, broke me. He absolutely shattered me. I have always had a sorrow over my sins but not a true godly sorrow. I had a guilty conscience to be sure, but did not have a true, gut-wrenching godly sorrow. I had never genuinely wept over my sin until then. This is something else I did not understand. There is a distinction between a guilty conscience and a godly sorrow. The Bible teaches this.

I now rejoice, not that you were made sorrowful, but that you were made sorrowful to the point of repentance; for you were made sorrowful according to the will of God, so that you might not suffer loss in anythingthrough us. 10 For the sorrow that is according to the will of God produces a repentance without regret, leading to salvation, but the sorrow of the world produces death. 2 Cor. 7:9-10”

For the entire testimony please click HERE and as always friends, be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved. 

Power in Words – Twisted Tuesday

Do we have the ability to speak things into existence? This is a popular idea amongst tv evangelists. The idea that we, as believers, have the ability to create with our words just like God did is the type of heresy that developed through decades of biblical illiteracy and demonizing doctrines. I personally sat in a church for a decade that often encouraged positive affirmations. I never recall being admonished to pray and study, just naming and claiming, lots of wealth and health. You know what else I never heard? The Gospel.

If you read my testimony you know I was raised by a practicing Wiccan. My mother was eventually saved, however until I was 14 I heard a lot of the new age belief that words had power. Once in church I assumed that paganism had borrowed the idea from the church, imagine my shock learning that it was a pagan belief borrowed by the church! My mother, as a true convert, was very uncomfortable with the new age language being used in the churches. Eventually, once she voiced her concerns, we were actually kicked out of the congregation where we were baptized. Still, it took me over a decade to recognize the danger.

Proverbs 18:21 is not suggesting that we can create life, or for that matter death, with our words. God and God alone is in control of life and death. If you read the context of the scriptures used for this movement you’ll find that they are cautioning us all to be careful what we say. Some are even referring to eating right, as to not cause death through gluttony. Nowhere in church history was it believed that anyone except God could create ex nihilo, out of nothing.

This is why it’s important to take the full counsel of Gods Word, with context and historical background. There is so much being taught based on false doctrines, we must as believers test every spirit.

But why is this dangerous? That’s the question we should be asking after we ask whether it’s accurate of course. This doctrine is not just dangerous, but deadly. There are multitudes of people who have been told they can speak their sickness away. When they remain sick they’re told it’s because of their lack of faith. Many walk away from the faith altogether. Others go deeper, as a sign of faith, they’ll stop taking their medications. That is how this particular doctrine becomes deadly.

If you want a more comprehensive lay out of this false doctrine, and others, I highly recommend brother Justin Peters work in the area. You can find him on YouTube HERE

As always friends, be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved!

The Heavens Declare – Mercury

Today, continuing with the series through our solar system, we’re going to talk briefly about Mercury. As I said last week, I’m just going to write a small amount of the multitude of information. There’s a twofold purpose for that, firstly to show how great our God is, the God of all creation, and secondly to show that evolutionism is not a fact proven by observable science, but is instead an idea of the origins of our world that has many problems. Why does this matter? The first point is often portrayed as unreasonable by secularists who claim to hold the logical worldview, while the second point is largely ignored.

The Bible commands us, as believers, to tear down every high and lofty idea that sets itself up against the truth. The secular view of astronomy has set itself up against the truth of Genesis. My aim here is not to attack individuals personally, but to tear down the belief system behind the naturalistic explanation for origins.

Mercury is an excellent example of how impossible the evolutionary models of creation are. It’s the planet closest to the sun, and is smaller than most of the moons in our solar system, although it is slightly bigger than Earths moon. Although it is small, it’s extremely dense. Mercury also has a magnetic field that is quickly decreasing in strength. These two facts, combined with the amount of volatile sulfur, and the ice believed to be on its surface, make Mercury look young. Secular scientists cannot fit this tiny planet into their models for the creation of the solar system. Even when invoking the dynamo theory, there is no explanation for how this planet could have formed so close to the sun, millions much less billions of years ago.

God has a magnificent purpose for Mercury, as well as the other planets in our solar system. Our ability to study this planet has come at an opportune moment when it seemed as though the delusion of deep time would spread throughout every nation. It almost seems as if God placed these terrestrial enigmas in Earths neighborhood to confound those wise in their own conceit. Mercury is a planet of unexplained enigmas.

 I look forward to continuing this series, friends, and hope earnestly that it is an encouragement to all believers who see this evidence. Deep time, billions of years of random chance, cannot explain Mercury. On the other hand, Genesis tells us that God created the entire universe in one day. Both of these viewpoints are impossible to scientifically prove as science is based on observation and we can never observe the events of the past. What we can see, in the present, is that secular understanding cannot explain the creation, makeup, and existence of Mercury. If you want more information on Mercury I highly encourage you to review creationist Dr. Russ Humphries scientific predictions.

Join me next Monday for a brief overview of Venus. As always, beloved, be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved!

All Of Grace by C. H. Spurgeon

Today I’m going to review another Charles Spurgeon book. All of Grace was the first book, besides the Bible, that I listened to the audio version of. I thought it would make an excellent way to pass time during a long drive. It turned out to be such a beautiful book that I was often brought to tears! Perhaps not the best book to listen to while driving, but a fantastic read all the same. 

Spurgeon has quickly become my favorite writer, and this book is no different. It was written by the Prince of Preachers as a plea to the unsaved. It so warmly, and affectionately, calls to the lost while effectually warning of the dangers in ignoring such a call. 

I highly recommend this book to all Spurgeon fans (as if you hadn’t already read it) and to anyone working through their salvation through fear and trembling!!!

Happy Independence Day 

Today, as America celebrates independence and I quietly celebrate my own freedom from sin, I want to give a simple warning.

Two years ago today I sat in a hotel room listening to a Paul Washer serman. Even though it was a holiday, my handsome husband had to work so we weren’t planning on popping fireworks. We had been put in a hotel because the corporate apartment his company had for us wasn’t going to be ready for another few days. 

I had never heard of brother Washer, or any of the points he was preaching on. The most theology I had ever heard was the ‘sinners prayer’. I had been taught not to listen to the doctrines of man, and not to let others condemn you. However, I respected the brother who had sent me the serman so I listened. I listened to another, then another, and when my husband came home we listened together. I do not say that brother Washer saved me. I was saved through grace by faith in Christ ALONE. 

Ordinarily on Tuesday I talk about scriptures taken out of context. Today, as America celebrates independence and I quietly celebrate my own freedom from sin, I want to give a simple warning.

Why do I talk about scriptures being twisted? Because I have seen the fruit it bares. Had I died on July 3rd, 2015 I would have rightly, justly, paid for my sins. Why? I was never told to repent of my sins, it was assumed after the ‘sinners prayer’ that I was saved and we surely don’t want to condemn a believer, right? Now by the grace of God, He saved me. He sent His Son to pay for my sins, and I am unable in my flesh to comprehend the majesty of that. However, through grace I have faith in Jesus Christ

My warning is this, the need for clear and proper biblical theology is at a dire level beloved. Your voice is needed everywhere. The harvest is plenty but the workers are few. So acquire wisedom, and in all your acquiring get understanding also. We have to have an answer for the faith we have. There are so many who will say ‘Lord, Lord’ and He will say ‘I never knew you.’ So, friends, be good Bereans and study to show yourself approved.

The Heavens Declare – The Sun

Today we’re starting the series on our solar system and its declaration of God’s glory! We’re going to begin with the sun, and next Monday we’ll go on to the planets. I’m just going to give you a brief summary of each celestial object, the problems they pose to evolutionism, and their purpose in God’s wondrous creation. If you want more information than given here I highly recommend What You Aren’t Being Told About Astronomy Vol I through III by Spike Psarris who was, himself, an atheist and evolutionist before getting saved. I would also point you to and


Our sun is a Class G star, however, it is unlike most in its class. Most stars similar to ours are prone to superflares, which would be devastating to our planet. Our sun is around 85% brighter than most other stars and has about 90% more mass. It is also interesting to note that many of the Class G stars we’ve found are actually binary, meaning they are not the lone star in their system. These fascinating facts show that God’s created sun in our solar system is beautifully placed for life to flourish.

fullsizeoutput_1522Of course, evolutionism says that the sun was formed 4.5 billion years ago from a cloud of gas. This same cloud of gas formed all our planets as well. There are multiple problems with this, however, the least of which being that our sun sits 7 degrees off from the Plane of the Ecliptic. We’re going to stick to the interesting facts about the sun for now, and we’ll review the problems forming stars once we reach the end of our solar system.

The sun’s energy comes from nuclear fusion, the effects of which should change stars after a certain amount of time. If current models are correct then billions of years ago our Sun would have not kept our planet warm enough for life to begin.  The oscillation times for the sun refute secular models, giving further evidence that our sun is a young star. The measurable amounts of lithium and beryllium also give the sun a young age. In short, our sun is a mystery to astrologists, being that they are certain it’s billions of years old, yet appears relatively young.

fullsizeoutput_1521What is Gods purpose for the sun? God created the sun on the fourth day of creation week. Our sun is in the perfect place to sustain life on our planet. Not just the perfect distance from us, but also the perfect place in the Milky Way as well. If it were too far out it would be moving out into the arms of our galaxy. If it were too far in our entire solar system would not be able to maintain life. God placed it in the right spot to keep it stable. It gives us warmth, air, and the food chain. It gives us times, signs, and seasons also.

The heavens truly do declare the glory of God. They also declare that life, you and I, have a purpose. You’re not just a mix of chance chemical reactions, friends, you were made in the image of God. There, be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved.