Twisted Tuesday – Conviction

As I mull over what to write about every Tuesday my mind is frequently brought back to the bad doctrine I had taken in for over a decade. Once I was made a new creature, the old man passed away, and remembering my old life seems now like watching a rerun of a show you’ve seen too many times. It’s good for me to remember how easily fooled I was by these false teachers, and gives me a greater compassion for those still being deceived. That being said, my greatest sorrow comes from the Holy Spirit is spoken of falsely.

To what doctrine am I referring to? The false doctrine that ‘believers’ shouldn’t be convicted of sin. As I researched this one the memories came flooding back. This doctrine is like scales on the eyes, wax in the ears, and calluses built up around the heart. I used the idea that all conviction of sin was from the accuser of the brethren. Essentially I was giving credit to Satan for the work of the Holy Spirit, I was a Pharisee. Why did I make this mistake? Because I was fooled into believing that the prayer I said as a teenager meant I was no longer under condemnation. The false teachers of today stand boldly before the goats and proclaim them free from condemnation, and subsequently, from the conviction of sin as well. It’s the lies of the devil! I closed my eyes, plugged my ears, and hardened my heart to the saving work of the Holy Spirit. Then I maligned His name by announcing His work to be the work of the enemy.

What’s the truth though? How do we refute the wolves in sheep’s clothing teaching these blasphemous doctrines? We use scripture. Sola Scriptura is the very doctrine that will save people out of these false teachings. What do the scriptures say? They say that the Holy Spirit, God, and Jesus Christ Messiah convict us of sin. All throughout scripture we are being convicted of sin. 1 John is a ringing indictment to all those preaching such false doctrines.

Why are we being convicted of sins? Because God wants to make us feel bad? No. God wants us to repent, to turn away from our sins. The wages of sin is death! We, as truly converted believers, are sensitive to the chastisement of the Holy Spirit. When I am convicted I don’t recoil in anger, I praise God that He is working in me! Friendship with the world is enmity with God. I want nothing to do with the world, I am so thankful that God has seen fit to not only save me but to sanctify me. I am wretched, He is full of mercy.

To conclude beloved, the work of the Holy Spirit to convict sins is to create a bride for the bridegroom that is without blemish. We should be thankful for this work because he who the Father loves the Father chastens. If you are not being convicted of your sins, I would encourage you to work through your salvation with fear and trembling. Take the whole counsel of God! As always friends, be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved.

Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

13 thoughts on “Twisted Tuesday – Conviction”

    1. Joseph Prince is the exact wolf in sheeps clothing I was referring too! This is truly one of the doctrines that kept me from salvation. I didn’t think I needed a savior, and anyone who would say otherwise was of the devil. It’s a wicked heresy that must be refuted. I’m so thankful that there are brothers like you out there standing for the truth! It genuinely edifies the body, and makes my heart glad to hear it. It’s difficult to argue this with those stuck inside it, but the first thing that crossed my mind when I was saved was this confusion, that there was none who ever challenged my false conversion! Surely there had to be someone who had noticed I wasn’t walking in the light. Was my soul not worth the conflict it would have caused? I think about that hurt when I feel like I should sit down and be quiet, I know many will argue against the truth, but when their saved they’ll look back and remember the brothers and sisters who loved them enough to refute the false doctrines! God bless you brother!

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      1. Thanks so much and God bless you, sister! True believers watch in amazement and sadness when popular “preachers” call evil good and good, evil. Praise the Lord that there’s still a remnant of solid, uncompromising pastors who stand on the Word! Praise the Lord also that He led you to Him amidst the error and confusion. For me, after coming out of Catholicism and trusting in Christ, I’m dismayed to see many evangelical pastors embracing Catholicism. Such spiritual blindness!

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      2. I have noticed there is a real push lately towards Catholicism, whereas before it was always considered a cult. I appreciate your blog, it keeps me informed. My mother and sister were deeply involved in the Catholic Church for several years before leaving it.

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      3. I’m thinking that in the future, evangelical churches that don’t embrace Catholicism as Christian will be considered fringe fundamentalists. We could even be on our way to a reality where anyone who writes anything “negative” about another religious group could be accused of “hate speech.” I think that’s a real possibility.

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      4. I agree, I’m surprised we’ve held on to the freedom to speak out against false religions as long as we have. Frightening thought though, as we are, like you said, a small remnant.

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      5. I believe Canada is much farther down the road regarding prosecution of “hate speech” crimes at this point, but it’s no doubt coming here as well.

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      6. I did a little digging and found the Canadian Parliament added “sexual orientation” to the nation’s laws criminalizing “hate speech” back in 2004. Has a Canadian pastor been prosecuted yet for preaching Bible verses from the pulpit that condemn homosexuality? It doesn’t look to be the case, yet. The Supreme Court in 2013 ruled against a person who distributed anti-gay flyers in his neighborhood that included Bible verses, but it was careful not to condemn the Bible verses directly.

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  1. Ironically, from my perspective, you’ve gone from being certain you were saved to certain that you’re saved. You’ve gone from being judgemental of the world to being judgmental of the world. Granted, I understand that you have a difference in feeling with each of these conversions, but today you have just as much certainty as you had before.

    I assume that when you think about your faith, an overwhelming sense of calm comes over you, as though all is right with the world. This is what I feel whenever I think of the logistics of the Bible’s view of sin and conclude that I will willingly walk into hell rather than treat people as sinners damned to hell. If God isn’t as loving as I expect him to be, I refuse to give him any of my respect. Tyrants should never be respected. And what I find funny is that should such a hypothetical confrontation happen I will either choose to go to hell and god will respect my choice (meaning I’m in control) or will override my choice (out of spite? but gets me to heaven). Not that I’d really want to go to a heaven where treating people with respect isn’t approved of.

    Phew! I was feeling really stressed today, but writing this out has given me that sense of calm that I described earlier!

    Anyway, I’d be really interested if you wrote a post specifically listing all the sins that you feel people need to repent from. Simply saying Sin and referencing the bible doesn’t help because in the bible it’s a sin to get raped in a city or town (as opposed to an empty field). I feel like on 2017 we can all agree that being raped is never a sin, regardless of where it happens.


    1. Hello Catherine, I’m glad you’ve asked these questions. To your first point, on the contrary I was far from assured of my salvation, instead I said the sinners prayer as often as I could. I was frequently confused by what I was hearing, and by the fact that I could in no way find the sinners prayer in the Bible. I am now assured of my salvation because of the freedom I have from the sin I was once held down by.

      To your second point, my faith is not what gives me an overwhelming sense of calm nor do I ever consider all things right in the world. What peace I have is not the kind of peace the world gives, but a peace in the sovereignty of God. I have no faith in my faith, but a trust in God that gives me a certainty of things to come. The world will never be right, it is fallen. When I consider the world and its sinfulness I am driven to prayer, not to a sense of calm.

      To your point of willingly walking into hell, God being a ‘tyrant’ and there being no ‘respect’ in heaven…firstly you mention rape being wrong, a just God would punish that wrong correct? However, when He has punished wickedness in the past (the people groups the Israelites were commanded to destroy for example, who were putting their babies on hot metal idols to be burned alive) you call Him a tyrant. This is a strange contradiction, if He ignores evil He is unloving, if He condemns evil He is a tyrant. As to you ‘willingly walking into hell rather than treating people as sinners damned to hell’ I can see that you think this appears noble. However, which is the kinder thing to do? If I didn’t love you, if I just wanted to fit in and have you like me, I would never mention the sureness of hell and the wages of sin. If I loved you, wouldn’t I warn you? Even if I was wrong in the end, is it really the noble thing not to warn someone?

      I have to ask though, if we are all just chemicals then why does it matter? Why does rape matter? It’s just one chemical reacting to another, right? Chemical reactions often create terrible things. You don’t condemn other chemicals, you don’t try to shame your chemist set. If your world view is correct, and I’m just chemical reactions shouldn’t I be able to do whatever I see fit? Shouldn’t I be able to treat other chemical blobs however I want to? After all I’m just acting in my nature, I can’t control the way the random universe happened to put my chemicals together. How can you proclaim evolution, random chance, and the likes, while also suggesting rape is wrong? Aren’t those rapists just behaving how they were randomly chemically designed to behave? Why would it be wrong for them to do so?

      As to your point about the Bible stating it’s sin to be raped in a city and not in an empty field, you are either ignorant of the text or purposely misleading the meaning of the context. The Bible is referring in one point to premarital sex, if two people come together in a town before being married they must then be married. At the time women were not left alone in towns, they had relatives with them. If they had screamed out that meant they protested and it was a rape, therefore the man was to be stoned to death. If it was willing, to protect the woman, the man then had to marry her. Rape was always punishable by death.

      Lastly, to your point about ‘respect’. Your mistakenly assuming the option of free will as ‘respect’. Does God drag people into heaven kicking and screaming? Of course not, those of us who have been redeemed are humbled by the grace we’ve been given, and the cost that was paid to redeem us. You are correct in one matter, you have chosen to go to hell. You are without excuse on the day of judgement.

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