The Heavens Declare – Mercury

Today, continuing with the series through our solar system, we’re going to talk briefly about Mercury. As I said last week, I’m just going to write a small amount of the multitude of information. There’s a twofold purpose for that, firstly to show how great our God is, the God of all creation, and secondly to show that evolutionism is not a fact proven by observable science, but is instead an idea of the origins of our world that has many problems. Why does this matter? The first point is often portrayed as unreasonable by secularists who claim to hold the logical worldview, while the second point is largely ignored.

The Bible commands us, as believers, to tear down every high and lofty idea that sets itself up against the truth. The secular view of astronomy has set itself up against the truth of Genesis. My aim here is not to attack individuals personally, but to tear down the belief system behind the naturalistic explanation for origins.

Mercury is an excellent example of how impossible the evolutionary models of creation are. It’s the planet closest to the sun, and is smaller than most of the moons in our solar system, although it is slightly bigger than Earths moon. Although it is small, it’s extremely dense. Mercury also has a magnetic field that is quickly decreasing in strength. These two facts, combined with the amount of volatile sulfur, and the ice believed to be on its surface, make Mercury look young. Secular scientists cannot fit this tiny planet into their models for the creation of the solar system. Even when invoking the dynamo theory, there is no explanation for how this planet could have formed so close to the sun, millions much less billions of years ago.

God has a magnificent purpose for Mercury, as well as the other planets in our solar system. Our ability to study this planet has come at an opportune moment when it seemed as though the delusion of deep time would spread throughout every nation. It almost seems as if God placed these terrestrial enigmas in Earths neighborhood to confound those wise in their own conceit. Mercury is a planet of unexplained enigmas.

 I look forward to continuing this series, friends, and hope earnestly that it is an encouragement to all believers who see this evidence. Deep time, billions of years of random chance, cannot explain Mercury. On the other hand, Genesis tells us that God created the entire universe in one day. Both of these viewpoints are impossible to scientifically prove as science is based on observation and we can never observe the events of the past. What we can see, in the present, is that secular understanding cannot explain the creation, makeup, and existence of Mercury. If you want more information on Mercury I highly encourage you to review creationist Dr. Russ Humphries scientific predictions.

Join me next Monday for a brief overview of Venus. As always, beloved, be good Bereans and study to show yourselves approved!

Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

7 thoughts on “The Heavens Declare – Mercury”

    1. Hello Catherine, I hope you are doing well! As I said in the post, I was giving a brief summary of the creationists findings on Mercury based on the information coming from Messenger and other missions. This is why I list, in each post about the solar system, places to dig deeper if need be.

      The best evidence for a young Mercury, however, are the ones I listed. Secular astronomers expected Mercury to be cold and dead, with no magnetic field whatsoever. The only explanation for this undermines the entire theory of how the solar system was created. This is because of the amount of sulfur, which is impossible in the secular model. Without the high density center of the planet being a mixture of volatile materials there can be no explanation for how the magnetic field would last millions or even billions of years. It’s equally impossible for Mercury to form so close to the sun with those same volatile materials. There is no secular explanation for this enigma. Like I said in the blog, this does not prove creationism. However, it shows that the evolutionary models often taught as fact or even scientific are based on assumptions that are not only impossible to observe, but proven to be inaccurate.

      Rather than admit that their theory doesn’t work, scrap it and work on a new one, for the past few decades they’ve taught it in schools as if this evidence hadn’t been found. This type of dishonestly should be discouraged in science, it should be our most noble field of study. There’s a difference between holding a world view, or devoutly, religiously, defending a scientific idea regardless of the evidence shown against it. Intellectual honestly needs to be put in place, so that those learning of the beliefs held by evolutionists do not get the impression that it’s been proven. That’s the idea behind this series, to show the scientific evidence that’s given clear and logical reasons for doubting evolutionism.

      This is also what I’ve been saying when you and I have these conversations, evolutionism isn’t a scientific fact or theory. It’s not observable science, therefor it can not be proven. An honest person would then look for the flaws to see if there is a justifiable amount of evidence to hold any form of faith in what the idea is suggesting. There is plenty of evidence reasoning against evolutionism to cause doubt. If there is doubt in a belief that excludes the possibility of God, then it’s worth taking a closer look. It’s easy to laugh it off, I know I did so for years. It’s easy to assume you sit on the more reasonable, intelligent, side of the debate so you need not look inward at your own world view. However, if you feel like those you oppose for their religious beliefs ought to look into their own faith, shouldn’t you be honest enough to evaluate why you have faith in evolutionism?

      I pray you do, and I also hope sincerely that you’ll look into both sides of this debate.


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