Happy Independence Day 

Today, as America celebrates independence and I quietly celebrate my own freedom from sin, I want to give a simple warning.


Two years ago today I sat in a hotel room listening to a Paul Washer serman. Even though it was a holiday, my handsome husband had to work so we weren’t planning on popping fireworks. We had been put in a hotel because the corporate apartment his company had for us wasn’t going to be ready for another few days. 

I had never heard of brother Washer, or any of the points he was preaching on. The most theology I had ever heard was the ‘sinners prayer’. I had been taught not to listen to the doctrines of man, and not to let others condemn you. However, I respected the brother who had sent me the serman so I listened. I listened to another, then another, and when my husband came home we listened together. I do not say that brother Washer saved me. I was saved through grace by faith in Christ ALONE. 

Ordinarily on Tuesday I talk about scriptures taken out of context. Today, as America celebrates independence and I quietly celebrate my own freedom from sin, I want to give a simple warning.

Why do I talk about scriptures being twisted? Because I have seen the fruit it bares. Had I died on July 3rd, 2015 I would have rightly, justly, paid for my sins. Why? I was never told to repent of my sins, it was assumed after the ‘sinners prayer’ that I was saved and we surely don’t want to condemn a believer, right? Now by the grace of God, He saved me. He sent His Son to pay for my sins, and I am unable in my flesh to comprehend the majesty of that. However, through grace I have faith in Jesus Christ

My warning is this, the need for clear and proper biblical theology is at a dire level beloved. Your voice is needed everywhere. The harvest is plenty but the workers are few. So acquire wisedom, and in all your acquiring get understanding also. We have to have an answer for the faith we have. There are so many who will say ‘Lord, Lord’ and He will say ‘I never knew you.’ So, friends, be good Bereans and study to show yourself approved.

Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

12 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day ”

  1. Yes, I agree. Many people pray along with some pastor about “accepting Jesus into my heart” or “making Him the Lord of my life” without confronting their sin problem, repenting of their sin, and trusting in Jesus as their Savior through faith alone.

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    1. This is the heavy burden in my heart, that so many stay slaves to sin because of a false doctrine. It’s a mystery to me, how God works repentance and salvation, what I do know is that the sin I was once chained to I’m free from. Not that I don’t still sin, but that sin has no hold over me. I don’t desire it, and I feel deep sorrow when I find it. This is the opposite of what my life was like before salvation. It truly is freedom!

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      1. As you know, people can have great political freedoms, as in this country, but be unsaved and absolute slaves to sin. I’m a bit of a square peg in that I don’t believe in mixing faith with nationalism and that we have much more in common with our believing brothers and sisters in, say, Canada, than with unbelievers in the U.S. but that’s radical stuff for most American evangelicals. Yes, I’m grateful for the political freedoms we enjoy here but the freedom from the debt I owe for my sin through Christ is what’s really worth celebrating!

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      2. I agree with you 100%, what could possibly be better than freedom from sin? I use to be very politically minded before getting saved. It’s amazing what things change, I’d much rather be fellowshipping with believers than patriots!

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      3. Wow! Another square peg! Great! Yes, God’s Word says we’re to be law-abiding citizens, praying for our political leaders so that we may have peaceful and quiet lives so that the Gospel can go out. But our primary citizenship is in Heaven and we’re to be emissaries and ambassadors of our King while sojourning here rather than deeply rooted and prideful patriots. Most American evangelicals would anathematize me for writing that.

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      4. I love that ‘our primary citizenship is in Heaven’ that sentence alone is enough to amaze me for eternity. I think when the primary focus is on worldly things it’s easy to turn patriotism into an idol. When you think on things like being ambassadors of our King, makes citizenship in any country pale in comparison. It was, for me at least, a tremendous relief when God showed me grace enough to remove that idolatry from my heart. Once recognizing Him as sovereign I no longer spent time worrying about what I needed to do to fix the nation. The fear and anxiety of trying to keep our freedoms was getting to be an obsession for me. Very unhealthy, and as one preacher said ‘anything that keeps me from Gods Word is my enemy.’ Like you said, it’s important to be law-abiding and to pray for our leaders! But Gods purpose for us is, like you said, to spread the gospel. Whether or not I have the freedom from a government, I’ve been set free from sin and am now a servant of the Most High! What else could matter? I’m glad to be apart of the square peg group!

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      5. OK, now I’m just flabbergasted that another Christian living in America shares this understanding. I “assumed” there were others out there, I had just never run across any before. Yes, no need to fret over the national (or international) news when you understand you’re an ambassador on a mission.

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      6. Now that you mention it, I don’t suppose I’ve spoken to anyone besides my husband who feels this way. I wonder if that has anything to do with the evangelical community turning towards ‘growth planning’ rather than the truth of the gospel? Or maybe it’s just a snowball effect?

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      7. The Pilgrims and the Puritans who followed believed America was in a special relationship with God, almost like it was the new Israel. Early American pastors took Old Testament passages that referred exclusively to Israel and applied them to the USA. That myth carried forward for 400 years. No, this is more of an “old-school” viewpoint. The growth guys stay away from patriotism/nationalism because the millennial seekers aren’t attracted to that.

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      8. That makes sense! Thanks for explaining that Tom, my husband and I are millennials. However, by Gods grace we tend not to follow their trends. Unfortunately we got the same education, so history is not my strong suit! This is pretty fascinating though, I had heard the idea that America was the new Israel but wrote it off since Paul said God wasn’t done with Israel. Every time you leave a comment you give me something else interesting to research!

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