Why does it matter? – Evolutionism vs Creationism


Is refuting evolutionism important for the believer, or is it ok to side step over this issue?

First, let me say that every member of the body of Christ has its own individual calling, their own unique gifts that enable them to perform that calling. I am not asking the question ‘should you, personally, be blogging about creationism as a Christian?’. What I am asking is whether or not evolutionism is a stronghold that needs to be taken down.

I believe it is, and I also believe it’s imperative for the body of Christ to be made aware of the dangers lurking behind deep time.

Why is it so dangerous? Mostly because our students are not being taught that evolutionism is a possible means for the origin of our universe, but that it is certain fact. For decades now generation after generation was inundated by evolutionary falsehoods passed off as fact, refuted quietly some time after being taught in biology. I mentioned a few of those here.

543px-Man_is_But_a_Worm.jpgI have spoken to many hurting people who were in church but found themselves unable to continue going after they became adults because the ‘scientific evidence’ was too overwhelming.

This insidious deception has made its way into the church as well, as wolves crept into lead believers astray. These wolves convince believers not to take the Bible seriously, it’s just a book like any other, full of fairy tales.

These two points make evolutionism a stronghold, and we are commanded as followers of Christ to tear down every high and lofty idea that sets itself up against God. I encourage you, friends, to get informed on this issue. Is it important for the believer to be able to refute evolutionism? Absolutely, someone’s soul might one day be riding on your ability to answer. Creation.com is an excellent place to start, they have a magazine and creation magazine live which gives a summary of the articles written. Be good Bereans, brethren, and study to show yourselves approved.

Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

3 thoughts on “Why does it matter? – Evolutionism vs Creationism”

  1. In terms of the body metaphor, is each function something each person can fulfil? I.E. if some people are meant to be the debaters who persuade others, are all members meant to be debaters who persuades others? If some men are meant to be pastors, are all women meant to be pastors, too? Either the body has parts that do everything, or there are parts which are role only sort of deals.
    I recently picked up a book on astrophysics so that I can understand the science behind the origin of the universe – and it’s more complex than I’d like, words like lepton, proton, neutron, neutrino, anti-proton, anti-matter – it’s a big vocabulary list and I’m sometimes daunted by the idea that Christians have to come up with an answer for all of it.

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    1. Hello there Jamie! I think the metaphor of the body works exactly how our body works. Or at least in the way the perfect body of Christ works, without the entropy of a fallen humanity. Each member is important, each member works together, each member does what it’s supposed to do. It’s difficult for the pastor to focus on studying the Word, ministering to his congregation, and expounding each Sunday, if they have no help. Actually, I say difficult but I believe it would be nearly impossible. He needs elders, advisors, and workers. Peter and the other Apostles came to this conclusion as well in Acts. Someone needs to expound Gods Word, but someone also needs to clean the bathroom toilets and mow the church lawn. A pastor can not go out into Peru and evangelize while tending his sheep, someone else in the body needs to do that job. To each member if given the ability and talent, gifting if you’d like, for the job they have. Like our feet have toes to help with balance and our hands have fingers to help with gripping.
      As to astrophysics, it’s important to remember that Christians do not come up with answers, we were given the answer. You can hold fast to the truth of Gods Word, or you can search for purely naturalistic answers. In one point of view the task of learning about protons and neutrons becomes an adventure deep into the very mind of God. In the naturalistic point of view it is a complicated list of vocabulary. What is the point of memorizing endless facts if nothing came from nothing and it’s all random chance? All the early fathers of science felt that they were seeking to better understand God and His creation, that is a noble search! However, seeking to disprove evolutionism, or creationism depending on which side of the argument you fall, on will only leave you embittered.
      I love science, I can not look at the protein reading DNA without seeing how great God is. I find no enjoyment whatsoever in trying to disprove someone’s world view of evolutionism, or any other stronghold. However, more then my dislike for confrontation, I want to give people the Good News so they no longer have to live in darkness.
      I appreciate your question, I’m sorry for my long winded answer! Good luck with your astrophysics book.


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