Testimony of Charo Washer

This was a very difficult testimony for me to watch, as it is so very similar to my own conversion story. My greatest fear is that there are so much more people sitting in church wearing themselves out, unregenerate, and unaware of the eternal consequences. The lie that saying a quick prayer can get you out of hell, that you can earn your way into heaven by saying that prayer, has fooled millions. Satan is so deceptive, he found a way to lull the world into this deception. Between this and evolution is it any wonder that we are seeing such a great falling away in the church?

I hope Charo’s testimony will be as much a blessing to you all, friends, as it was to me.

Charo Washer’s Testimony

Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

8 thoughts on “Testimony of Charo Washer”

  1. Thanks for this testimony. We can’t just assume that because people have been around church for years and years that they have genuinely accepted Christ.

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    1. You’re exactly right friend, those are the very ones we have to some how reach. I was that person, I didn’t think I needed a savior because I had said a prayer. I was good, I tuned out salvation messages. Until one pastor explained that if I loved my sin I was probably not saved. That’s when I knew, I didn’t hate my sin I loved my sin. It wasn’t obvious sin, my sins were in the heart. So no one knew I was wretched and on my way to hell. Many turned away from me when I became truly saved. My message stopped being health and wealth, name it and claim it, but became ‘repent, repent!’ Not as popular, but gravely important. God bless you friend!

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  2. Wow that was a very powerful testimony. Its crazy to think she was even a missionary and married to Paul Washer and wasn’t a Christian until 32. Praise the Lord for saving Charo Washer.

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    1. It’s a powerful lie, unfortunately few even realize they are not saved. I praise God for giving us testimonies like Charo Washers! It didn’t seem easy for her to say, but I know there are many who have been moved by it.

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