Monday Fossils – Fooling the Foolish

A cold bug has found its way into our house, so my dear ones are sick.  I wish I had more time to write this really well, maybe we can go back over each of these individually when everyone gets to feeling better. I’m just going to mention a few things for everyone to research, in their free time, to help edify the body and build up your faith.

These are just a few short points, in a long list, where evolutions got…creative? That’s probably putting it too kindly for most of these.

Albert Einstein Quote
Albert Einstein

Particularly for the Piltdown man, and the Archeaoraptor.

The Piltdown man was a forgery introduced in 1912 that took over four decades to be revealed as a hoax. Artist renderings were drawn up, this was the missing link.

Piltdown Man
by James Howard McGregor

There’s Nebraska man, whose entire family was even rendered with him, all from a single tooth. One tooth is all was found of him. That is some creativity friends.

Appendix F
Whale Evolution Update

Even “Lucy” has been found to have been a knuckle walker. The facial reconstruction of other bones even looks an awful lot like Chuch Norris. These findings are more clearly being labeled, the further science goes, as either ancient apes or people with bad diets.

Picture’s of fetus’ growing in the womb are replaced by horse evolution, which has been replaced with whale evolution.

This is not to say that Evolutionists are all purposefully trying to trick people. They are human beings, they get excited, this is their life. These are the very things they have searched for. When the announcement is made it makes big news, the link has been found! It’s quietly found out two or three plus decades later that there is disagreement or new evidence, and it’s refuted without fanfare.

The point is that Evolution is not fact, and the ‘evidence’ used to ‘prove’ the theory is always changing. As one point is refuted, another comes up to take its place. We should not base our faith in something so flawed. Put your faith in God’s Word, and science will eventually catch up. Don’t be dismayed, or discouraged, when the new missing link is found. Look carefully, take it with a grain of salt, they’ve been wrong before. Foolish people have been and still are, fooled by the multitude of ‘evidences’ which have been proven false. Enjoy science, read, learn, and pay attention…but stay watchful. Never let your faith be shaken, particularly not by something which is so often proven wrong.

Hold fast to the full counsel of God’s Word, run the good race friends!


Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

5 thoughts on “Monday Fossils – Fooling the Foolish”

    1. Good morning Catherine! It’s good to hear from you, and I am so glad you asked this I could go through the DNA codes, the irreducible complexity, the tremendous evidence for design through out the universe like stars and galaxies that our models can’t even recreate. I could go to the smallest simple cell, and show the biomechanics that we still can’t recreate. There is so much clear evidence for a Creator. Even the very math that Evolutionists themselves do, finding that it would be more likely for brains to form…floating brains, equipped with memory, that then disappear…than the universe to form. None of these miracles can prove God’s power as well as the miracle He did in my own life. To take a wretch like me, remove my heart of stone, and give me a new heart of flesh, is the greatest miracle. I urge you to go back to my testimonials, science can not give a better reason for Gods existence. Once I was bound by sin, I had no ability to stop sinning no matter how hard I tried. On the very day that I was converted the chains of sin fell off, for he who the Son sets free is free indeed. There are many gods out there, and multitudes of people claiming just like I am that their gods are the real ones. I challenge you not to ignore the massive amount of evidence that something created us, even Dawkins references the possibility of aliens seeding this planet. Look with an open, skeptical mind, at the evidence found in nature. Then look at the different gods, see which one is logical. God does not ask us to put our logical, reasoning, and understanding aside to worship Him. He declares that we are to worship Him with all our MIND, soul, spirit, and strength. Even Thomas Jefferson said to question with boldness the very existence of God, this is where I began. I wasn’t raised in Christianity, I had to research every faith. If you are right, and there is no God, all you’ve done is brushed up on your arguments. If you find, like I did, the evidence insurmountable, perhaps you will find yourself on a similar journey. There is nothing more worthy of investigation.

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      1. I was really hoping for a more simple ” he gave me the lotto numbers last week”. Because, honestly, all this “proof” you supply is just speculation and opinion.

        Your entire post is based on outing shoddy science from decades ago. Stuff that has long been debunked by scientists actually working today. Your premise is “look at all this speculation and opinion (now known to be false) and you should choose to believe in TRUTH”… But, you are completely unable to PROVE beyond a reasonable doubt that God exists! My evidence of his questionable existence is the multitude of religions all claiming a direct line to their version of heaven. While YOU (as opposed to the generic you I often use) see one interpretation of the data (for the purpose of my example, I mean the holy scriptures of whatever religion) those of another faith may see another interpretation. Think about how you see the Bible and the Koran compared to an equally faithful Muslim. You are looking at the same data with vastly different results.

        I dislike making the comparison that science is like religion, but there are some similarities that you have touched on. However, while two religious people can look at the same two books and come up with two different interpretations, if two scientists have different results about the same data, EVENTUALLY, more scientists will come in to examine the problem, and EVENTUALLY some new truth will be known (even if that truth is that there was a scam artist amongst them). Your examples here merely show that science, unlike religion will EVENTUALLY correct it’s errors, while some religionists still believe that the universe is only 6000 Yeats old…

        For your viewing pleasure, here’s a news article published this week about a humanoid skeleton found in 2013.


      2. Let’s talk about Homo Naledi first, sense it best proves the actual premise of the blog post. This find was thrust out into the media as another piece to the evolutionary puzzle. Now consider two things: 1. The title of all the articles on the web describing this find, and how the mass majority of internet users do not read the articles but make assumptions from the title. 2. When problems are found, like Lucy being a knuckle walker, or the fact that pathology wasn’t taken into account (as it rarely is) or even that low and behold these bones thrown into a cave described by the original discoverers as having been messed with previously, are a hoax, the news will be mild to put it lightly. Those that read the titles of articles will be very unlikely to ever hear the find has been refuted. The simple fact is that most people only know that Nevada man was a missing link, they don’t know that scientists only found one tooth. They don’t read the scientific magazines refuting previous finds, so while the short list I gave might be obvious to those who have had it used against evolution for decades, it is not so obvious to the discouraged believer. In regards to the ‘aging’ of Homo Nadeli…you’ve already heard my concerns with the current dating methods used by scientists. In fact paleoanthropologist Tim White suggested that the dating wouldn’t matter, and flatly put nadeli in the home erectus species. The truth is that if we can have Great Danes and chihuahuas both in the same species, then variation of speciation should be vastly more influential on these finds. They are not, because the scientists doing the research have a presupposition. They must fit their findings into the theory of evolution rather then fitting evolution into their findings.

        Now as to the speculation and opinion of the proof of Gods existence, DNA complexity is not argued amongst scientists. In fact, many of them state it looks designed, all the while denying the designer. You say scientists get together and correct the error, however for Darwinian evolution to be true complexity can not exist. There is no statistical possibility showing DNA’s ability to randomly come into being. The irreducible complexity in so many places makes evolution impossible. Our simple cell is so complex, there are many things in it that without having all the pieces cause it to cease being. How did those pieces all evolve simultaneously? And when did the DNA to code those cells evolved? It’s not possible, scientists in these fields have admitted that it’s not possible. These things cry out for a creator. More to the point, they completely obliterate the bases for modern evolutionary theory. This is the clearest example possible that science has become myopic. Not all of them, of course, thousands of PHD scientists have come forward with their belief that evolution is wrong. Unfortunately popular media, and evolutionary scientists, just ignore that.

        Now as to your evidence of Gods lack of existence being the multitudes of religions. I find it interesting that you think so many people believing in God, or gods, but using different books and descriptions, is evidence against a Creator. I don’t understand how that is a case for no God at all. If we all come from Adam and Eve or more recently from Noah and his family, then everyone alive would have at the time heard from their parents and grandparents that there was a God. Then after the Tower of Babel those people would have moved to their own regions, added a little to the story, taken away some, and so forth. Similarly almost every civilization on the planet has a flood story, very similar flood legends. It’s hardly evidence for no flood at all, simply because they all have slightly different variations in their legends.

        Now touching on what you said about the Bible and the Quran, these two books are not the same. Two people are not looking at the same data and coming up with different results. Different people wrote the Quran, than the Bible. The oldest Quran ever found, for starters, is 1,500 years old which makes sense being that it was written in the early seventh century. The Old Testament was translated into Greek, called the Septuagint, three hundred years before Christ was ever born. This is a big difference, not quite the same thing as two scientists looking at DNA found in dinosaurs for example, and coming to two different conclusions. One of course, holds that the bones are 65 million years old how on earth could DNA still be in them? The other decides scientifically and logically the bones are not 65 million years old. When will science correct that error? They can’t without damaging their theory.

        In what I wrote my simple purpose was to show believers that evolution should not shake their faith. It is an ever changing field of science, not an immutable God. My challenge to you was to review the evidence against evolution and for creation and instead you gave me a recent find in support of evolution. I know it’s difficult to look at something you’ve held as truth your entire life, and wonder if it’s false. I grew up assuming the scientists knew what they were talking about and evolution must be fact. It was disturbing to realize all those ‘facts’ were assumptions. Even more disturbing to find that most of what I was taught had already been refuted, those refutations just hadn’t made it to my science classes. Strange that that would be the case, since a new text book is done each year, but I digress. Look at evolution as skeptically as you look at Christianity, then see where the evidence actually takes you. When you listen to Dawkins, listen to Ham as well, that way you can see a bigger picture. When you listen to both sides of an argument you usually find the truth lying somewhere in the middle.

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