Why, how, WHERE, and what of HOMESCHOOLING


Today I’m going to go over a short summary of the where’s of homeschooling. This is the obvious starting place for parents considering homeschool. Before you can make a choice about whether or not you will homeschool, you need to understand the laws where you are. Each state has separate laws, each state is equal.

Some states are better to HS in, such as Oklahoma, the only state in the union that has homeschooling rights in its constitution. This means, out of 50 states, only this state will have consistent, untouchable, freedom guaranteed in its laws.

State by State
Homeschooling Regulation

Even Texas laws could change, although currently, Texas is also a great place to homeschool. As a homeschooler in Texas, you’ll be considered a private school, which is pretty neat! Idaho is also a wonderful state to live if you’re going to HS.

However, some families don’t have the option to move to a state with better laws. What do you do then? Most states have protective laws regarding homeschooling families, only a few are truly difficult to HS in. HSLDA is a fantastic organization to be a part of if you choose to homeschool, and their website details each state’s laws Here.

NQXeL__1_.0.pngWhat are some of the laws you might see? The most frequent law states hold is ensuring you teach specific subjects, although many states do not require evidence of what you’ve taught. Most states also require you notifying your local ISD that your child will be schooling at home.

Regulations for homeschooling

Some states will have you schooling for a certain amount of hours or days per year. A dozen or so will have mandatory testing, some once a year, others every few years, although not all states want to see the results of those tests. You want to make sure you have a full knowledge of the state laws and keep updated in case they change.

If you happen to live in a state with laws you can’t agree with, but cannot move at the time, check to see if your state has umbrella schools. These awesome programs will protect you from unfriendly laws while allowing you to homeschool freely.

It’s important to remember that, no matter where you live, all schools teach evolution as fact, not theory. This means that while your child might be heading to Sunday school every weekend, five days of the week they are learning God’s Word is wrong. Even if you are not able to homeschool, I highly encourage you to educate yourself on creation so that you can answer your child when they have questions. Like the Bible instructs us, we need to have an answer for why we believe what we believe.

If you missed my previous posts on the why’s, how’s, where’s, and what’s of homeschooling you can find them here WHY and here HOW. Next Friday I’ll talk about the what’s. God bless, my friends!


Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

5 thoughts on “Why, how, WHERE, and what of HOMESCHOOLING”

  1. Hello again! Today’s lesson is on the definition of a scientific theory. This is different from “theory” as used colloquially. In science, there is a hierarchy: idea, hypothesis, theory. A scientist has an idea they want to investigate. So they come up with a hypothesis “If this happens, then that will happen”. Then they come up with an experiment to test it.

    And then they test it and test it and test it and other scientists test it and then some scientists from other fields test it and other scientists challenge it, and on and on again until finally the scientific community comes together and says “this hypothesis stands up to all the tests we can throw at it, so let’s upgrade it to theory”. Theories in science are not some throw away thing. To throw out evolution because it’s a theory, you also have to throw out Einstein’s theory on relatively and therefore everything we currently understand about gravity as well as plate tectonic theory and therefore everything we currently know about volcanoes, earthquakes, etc! In fact, you’ll be left with an empty science book when you throw out all the theories.

    Of course, there are ALWAYS scientific laws (facts). Nothing can change these things. These laws are the “truths” that science seeks to discover and scientific theories are how current science explains these laws. And please understand that theories, while not always perfect, generally take a huge new discovery to be rewritten because they have already been through so much scrutiny to be elevated above a mere hypothesis.

    Think about medical science: there are very few theories in medicine. Just about everything we do in medicine is based on hypothesis’ with the expectation that they won’t always work and that is what we observe. When theories are tested, they usually work consistently unless the experiment is bad. When laws are tested, they always work unless the experiment is bad.

    As someone has said, gravity doesn’t stop working just because some people don’t like the mathematics.


    1. Hello again! I was afraid you might have forgotten about my tiny little blog. I’m so glad you brought this up, because I think it’s very important. The problem with the idea of scientific theory is the circular reasoning of it. Very similar to the faith I have in Christ. I believe the Bible is true because Jesus said so. Where do I read about Jesus? In the Bible. Or even further, why do I believe in a literal Genesis? Because Jesus quoted it along with several other writers in the NT. Why do I believe in Jesus…and the circularity goes on. The difference? Scientists ignore the circular reasoning behind evolution. Thus, calling it a theory is really a put down on such theories as you listed. It is not observable science, it’s the atheists origin story. Everyone has an origin story. As a Christian I cling to my story of origin because if Adam never sinned Christ need not have died. Without Genesis being true, there’s really no reason to believe the rest of the Bible. I believe it was Darwin’s Bulldog who reasoned that better than anyone else. Now what about these tests, as you mentioned? Every single starting point of evolution has been disproven. As each believe was discovered to be unscientific evolutionist simply turned to a different idea never denying the theory. Junk DNA, vestigial organs, progressive mutations, etc. even the Big Bang now. My complaint is not that evolution is taught, but that it’s taught dishonestly. For example, the list showing which creatures are found in which rock layers…although that isn’t found complete anywhere on earth and is often found in a different order. It’s never stated that dinosaurs are dated based on the rocks they are found in, while the rocks are dated based on the dinosaurs found in them. It isn’t taught as science, it’s taught as history. When things happened in unobservable time frames isn’t science, because it cannot be tested. The theory of evolution has never been observed, no one has ever seen anything evolve. What we see is de-evolution. Mutations remove information to create change, information that cannot to reintroduced. In any reasonable, logical, thought line the idea of special coding, like the information lost in mutation, would require a coder. Computer codes don’t write themselves. How was DNA created? What about irreducible complexity? Why are none of these things taught? When dinosaurs are taught, why do our science books say nothing of the bones, tissues, or DNA that’s been found? It’s never disputed, there isn’t even room in the scientific community for discussion against evolution. This amount of bias can only be explained by the fact that evolution is not scientific, it’s based on faith. Faith that there is no God, that man come from rocks colliding…even if no one can explain where the rocks came from. All sides of this argument need to be discussed, and taught, for science to be restored to its rightful place in modern civilization. It was never meant to shut down voices, but that is exactly what it does today.


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