Monday Fossils – My Personal Favorite

It is a Christians job to tear down every high and lofty thought that sets itself up against the truth.

Standing Firm

Let’s try for Mondays as a good day to tear down every high and lofty thought that sets itself up against the truth, shall we? I think it would have sounded much more seminary like to have done this one Friday (Friday Fossils, lovely ring to it) however we might have to settle with thinking of a better name for Mondays.

Dr Joachim Scheven

It is Monday after all, we can give one another a little leeway, right? Right! Ok, Monday Fossils it is. (Above picture…poor guy just trying to have some lunch. How did he fossilize so quickly if sedimentary rock takes so long to form?)

Monday is a great day to be edified in the truth of the Word. God’s Word is inspired by the Holy Spirit, laid out in 66 books by 40 different authors. These authors range from Kings to fishermen, but they all have one tremendously important thing in common, they were all inspired. I didn’t begin my journey believing this, but with ample evidence, I came to this sure conclusion. So, each Monday let us walk step by step on a journey of confidence in the Word.

What does God’s inspired Word tell us? That creation was done in six days, Adam and Eve fell, mankind became increasingly wicked, the flood came. Whew, how’s that for intense paraphrasing? We really should go in order with evidence of the creation, but for today’s blog, let’s have some fun with the flood!

Fossils Fossil Fish Eating Fish

(Seriously, how fun are these fossils? When I finally get to go home, please let it be while eating something yummy!)

The fossil record has long been touted by both creationists, and evolutionists, as evidence for their worldview. However, even with the most advanced dating technology, science will never be able to give definite dates. Why? Because that’s not what they are testing for. Carbon dating, radioisotopes, helium and nuclear decay rates…what do they have in common? They require assumptions, speculations that can not be validated. There is no way, scientifically, to prove whether or not decay rates have stayed the same. Unitarianism’s should have died out among thinking scientists long ago, and for many it has.

Fossils Diplomystus dentatus with Knightia in its mouth_t

But is it any wonder that evolutionists cling to the view? It was just a couple years ago when Armitage added his name to the long list of scientists and researchers who have been fired for their findings or religious views. ( Soft Tissue Find gets Researcher Fired ) As much fun as I had to find pictures and looking through articles for this blog, it was backed by the sad reality that science has become hostile to any view other than evolution. The world will hate us, they hated our Lord. Is the servant better than the master? No. But still…I pray for our brothers and sisters who have been dealt such a heavy blow.

Ok…it’s time…for my personal favorite! rapid-fossils-ichthyosarus

Yes, my friends, this is a fossil giving birth. Ouch! These creatures were clearly buried rapidly, not over long time periods. What could have moved sediment over such large swaths of land so quickly? A flood. It was not until Charles Lyell began to purposely attack the idea of the flood through conspicuous means that the belief in the flood began to wane in scientific circles. He specified the need to undermine the flood, without outright attacking the Bible, to push through evolutionary ideas. It was wildly successful.

But what does it hurt if we twist millions, or billions, of years into the Bible? If we distort scripture to fit our modern point of view we deny the inspiration and Holy Authorship. Where does it begin? At the beginning…where does it end? At the cross. Remember, there is no scientific evidence that a woman can give birth as a virgin, or that a man can raise from the dead. If we change our hermeneutics to fit science, we will bend and sway to each new finding. As we’ve seen in recent years, scientists have abandoned the Big Bang Theory as impossible. What do Christians do who had fit the Big Bang Theory into their theology?

We need to stand firm on Sola Scriptura. That doesn’t mean we abandon science, or thinking, as too lowly for our mystical Book. On the contrary, God calls us to love Him with our all our heart, soul, MIND, and strength. Science is ever changing, advancing, and learning. We should enjoy science, the creation cries out for a creator! We can love science without abandoning Sola Scriptura. Give the Word predominance, not the findings of flawed man.

Next Monday let’s talk about blood cells, tissue, and other strange findings in dinosaurs! How can these things have lasted inside fossilized bones for 65 million years?

Author: lnhereford

I am a Christian, wife, mother, podcaster and homeschooler currently traveling the United States with my loving husband and darling daughter!

2 thoughts on “Monday Fossils – My Personal Favorite”

  1. So, you’ve never heard of any animal dying while eating? Or dying in childbirth? Do you happen to know the mineral content of the sedimentary rock surrounding these animals? Because mud/land/rock slides are common enough. Floods, too!

    You seem certain of there being ONE flood, but the law of superposition says that layers of rock that are further from the sky are generally older than those closer to the sky (plate tectonics being able to shift some things around, of course). So, in order for your two fossils to be formed by the exact same flood, they would have to be found in the exact same layer of rock. And that rock would most likely be of the same chemical composition!

    Also, while radiometric dating may be dependent on some assumptions, so does the theory that the sun will rise tomorrow (or rather the Earth will keep spinning as normal). We are merely assuming that the world will keep functioning “normally” but physics isn’t something known to suddenly quit working, so its a pretty sound theory!


    1. Hello Catherine! I think it would be beneficial to review what happened when Mount St. Helens erupted and thousands of years of ‘layers’ were laid down in a matter of days. The proposition I make here is that we can not know for certain how old the earth is based on layers, or fossils. You have, I’m sure, heard often enough that the rock layer dating is based on circular reasoning, not science. I merely intend to show a flaw in basing our hermeneutics on science, one of many flaws. I am so glad that you mentioned the sun as an example, because from why we have seen from the moment man began writing history is that it is consistent to rise. It is not, however, consistent in anything else. There are long periods without any solar activity and then times when a solar storm knocked out the technology of the day. This is the bases of refuted uniformitarianism, from what we see of the earths activities it is anything but uniform. Mount St. Helens alone changed the landscape in a manner of weeks. As to the idea that the fossils need to be found in the same layer of rock, did you not refute this idea on your own? Plate tectonics shifting and what not? That’s the best argument I’ve heard from evolutions for why we find fossils where they shouldn’t be, or trees standing upright through ‘millions’ of years of layering. If, however, it was a global flood, we know from science how great amounts of varying compositions filter down to settle when mixed up in water. In regards to the dating methods, have you looked into what happened when scientists dated the lava flow from New Zealand’s? Brand new rock showed millions of years of decay. I think one thing is clear, dating the earth is simply not as simple as evolutions make it out to be.


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